Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market Expects Microsoft & Apple’s Plans to Focus on Industrial Applications to Boost Growth

Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market, Spurred by Greater Gaming Interest Levels in Asia-Pacific, Predicted to Grow Strongly Till 2022.

The Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market deals with the development of supporting Augmented or Virtual Reality devices which are key to experiencing these innovative technologies to the fullest extent. The fundamental contrast between AR and VR is the user experience and involvement in a particular situation. Augmented Reality is an innovation that overlays PC-produced realistic graphics on top of the physical world with the aim of imbuing more meaning into it through interaction, while Virtual Reality can be characterized as a simulated, PC-created reproduction of real life circumstances which envelopes the user by making them feel like they are encountering the reenacted reality firsthand, principally by invigorating their vision and hearing.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market

Gadgets like the augmented reality headset and the VR headset are utilized by users to fully immerse themselves into the experience. Augmented Reality glasses and Virtual Reality glasses come in two most regular sorts, which are the head up eyeglass and head mounted glass. Developing awareness, falling costs of smart glasses technology development and an expanding customer base which is hooked to technology are expected to be the key development drivers of the Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market during the next few years.

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The Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market is also influenced by demand from business/retail and restorative ventures too. It’s applications give computerized data and 3D perception of physical items and in this way can possibly be profoundly helpful, or engaging, in different fields. Geographically, North America dominates the Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market driven by greater penetration of AR and VR technology among its technically knowledgeable inhabitants, and higher spending on such advancements. North America was trailed by Europe and Asia-Pacific as second and third biggest regions for the Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market. Asia Pacific is anticipated to have the fastest development inferable from a quickly developing technology-reliant customer base in the region.

Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market

The Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of –

  • Device Type: Augmented Reality Devices (Head-Mounted Displays, Head-Up Display) and Virtual Reality Devices (Head-Mounted Display).

  • Technology (AR): Marker Based Augmented Reality (Active Marker, Passive Marker) and Marker Less Augmented Reality (Model-Based Tracking, Image Processing-Based).

  • Technology (VR): Non-Immersive Technology and Semi-Immersive & Fully-Immersive.

  • Application: Aerospace & Defense, Gaming & Entertainment, Medical, Commercial and Others.

  • Geography: Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Rest of the World.

Some of the key players involved in the Augmented & Virtual Reality Eyeglass Market are as follows:

  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Qaulcomm Inc.

  • Oculus VR Inc.

  • Eon Reality Inc.

  • Infinity Augmented Reality Inc.

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