Audience Management Platform Changes the Way Brands Interact with Audiences

Australia – May 17, 2016 – Optifire, a brand focused audience management platform, proudly announces an innovative new way for companies to reach out to their various audiences across all of their various channels. Optifire changes the way they interact with these various audiences, centralising and segmenting them for more impactful advertising and creating stronger brand loylty.

“We are excited about our platform that allow our clients to better collect, identify and segment their audiences, more effectively targeting them for advertising and brand loyalty purposes,” said Don Christie.  “Our platform offers a new way to gather all audiences together, segment them based on interest level, and reach out to specific segments in different ways.” 

Optifire’s leading audience data management is powering brands to get a deeper understanding of their most loyal fans. Every company in every country has a social audience but it is often difficult to identify their most passionate and engaged fans.  Optifire’s Platform solves that issue by segmenting the audiences and identifying the most loyal fans, and then delivering targeted advertising to the various segments using its 3rd party integrations. 

There are two primary technologies at the heart of Optifire’s data platform – a url shortener and technical integration with media buying platforms.  The url shortener delivers specific shortened urls for the company to use on various social medias sites, in their emails, and on their websites.  These urls identify users via a cookie on their browser that is integrated into Optifire’s ad serving platform.

The system employs a time release algorithm that serves the cookie to the user once a set amount of time has passed, resulting in a “super engaged user”.  When a user clicks on a link, the platform matches them into a specific pre-defined audience who are then re-targeted via the firm’s ad server platform.  No other company is providing such detailed targeting and user segmentation.

The second technology is an automated technical integration into the biggest online media buying platforms including video, display, rich media, native advertising, and banner ads.  This tight integration delivers immediate placements to the targeted audiences.

Optifire helps companies successfully reach out to their most active audiences, make special offers and strengthening brand loyalty. 

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About Optifire

Optifire is a data management and online advertising platform designed to disrupt the media buying ecosystem and the adtech digital media buying space.  Optifire empowers companies to unlock their most active audience through detailed targeting.  The firm helps companies reach out to their most passionate and engaged fans, connecting with them and creating strong brand loyalty.

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