“With a bit of planning and professional advice, a modern and tasteful living space is a lot closer than you might think.”
Attic conversions are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for creating extra living spaces for the growing family as opposed to buying a bigger house in a cheaper location.

A community and sense of belonging

Sam Paasila is managing director of Mr Attic, a leading Sydney based attic conversions company. “You can’t buy yourself into a community. Building relationships and networks takes time and people are willing to put up with pretty tight living spaces to avoid uprooting their family and starting over in an unknown area.” He believes that often people live in less than desirable conditions because they think the only way of creating more space is moving to a bigger house in a new area, and they’re not prepared to do that.

An attic conversion can mean the best of both worlds

According to Mr Paasila, people are beginning to realise that they can in fact have the best of both worlds. “Investing in a habitable attic means more living space for the family without the stress of relocating to a new area.” He emphasised that families on a tight budget don’t necessarily have to move to a cheaper area to get a bigger house. “Many old style homes with pitched roofs have a huge amount of unused space. With a bit of planning and professional advice, a modern and tasteful living space is a lot closer than you might think.”

It’s not just about the number of family members living in the home. A house that might have been big enough to cater for the needs of a young family may not be as suitable for those same kids who are now young teenagers. Teenagers need more space, and privacy. Having a domain they can call their own is huge part of growing up. Music often plays a big part in teenagers’ lives, but can become a source of conflict in the home situation. Creating a retreat away from the rest of the family can be a relief both for the parents and the young adolescent. Many older Sydney homes have never had acoustic insulation installed between rooms.  “Investing in a well insulated soundproof attic can cater for the teenager’s needs without jeopardizing the parents’ sanity,” Mr Paasila concluded.

Mr Paasila says that more often than not people describe Mr Attic’s end result as being far beyond what they thought was possible. Home owners who thought that resorting to an attic conversion was a notch below their aspirations, can’t believe how attractive their unused attic space has become. Families are encouraged to inspect their attic spaces and consider the potential for a whole new living space, without the move!

About Mr Attic

Mr Attic specialises in converting unused attic spaces into usable and habitable rooms. Their services include attic conversions, habitable attic rooms, top-floor extensions, deluxe storage, and the installation of attic ladders, stairs and skylights. Mr Attic encompasses the entire design and building process, meaning their customers can retain one single point of contact during the project.

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