Atlatl Software Sees Visual Selling Transforming Manufacturing

Atlatl Software Sees Visual Selling Transforming Manufacturing

Atlatl Software sees an increase in demand from enterprise market leaders for digital commerce tools. Experience will be the new battleground for the customer. B2B companies who adopt modern, experience-based sales techniques will win in the market.

Digital transformation is disrupting the traditional B2B sales model. 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are creating unique digital sales experiences. The age where the new reality is of the “experience economy,” has arrived.

Marc Murphy, CEO of Atlatl Software shared, “You cannot sell in analog when the world is digital.”

Visual selling enables manufacturers to meet the demands of today’s savvy buyers as it provides a faster, more accurate, and more user-friendly experience. The ability to leverage 3D visuals of products being considered through Atlatl visual tools, and to then design product systems or make configurations, is incredibly impactful. Taking this a step further, the power of augmented reality allows the customers to experience products before they are built, through Atlatl Config2AR™ application. Imagine the power of customers seeing products in its intended space, to scale, before it is manufactured. This combined visual approach will push the sales process of complex products outside of the constraints of brick-and-mortar and begin to establish the visual and AR environment as the preferred point of sale experience.

Zac Cooper, Director of Sales of Atlatl Software noted, “If you are not evaluating a visual sales tool, you are putting your competitive edge at risk.” Sales is changing and it is moving to a visual-centered experience and companies that make this shift will take market share.

About Atlatl Software:


Charleston, SC-based, Atlatl Software ( is changing the way manufacturers and distributors sell. The suite of sales applications is empowering the highest performing companies to sell faster, more efficiently, and increase revenue.


  • Quickly create 2D, 3D, and augmented reality configurations based on specific engineering rules.
  • Increases speed and accuracy of configuration and quoting process.
  • Produce dynamic sales approval drawings of products as they are configured.
  • Instantly generate professional quotes with dynamic pricing.
  • Efficiently manage the sales pipeline from lead to close, all on a mobile device.
  • Digitally share pricing information and receive pipeline data from the distribution network.


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