Atlanta Businesswoman Chosen to Advocate for 750+ Kingdoms and Chiefdoms Across East Africa

Atlanta, GA – August 28, 2023 – In a significant development highlighting her commitment to cross-cultural collaboration and global empowerment, Atlanta businesswoman Her Excellency Shanta Lana Hereford has been appointed as the US Royal Ambassador-At-Large for The Ateker Kingdom Alliance. The appointment comes as an acknowledgment of her exceptional leadership and dedication to fostering connections between African communities and their diasporic counterparts.

Ambassador Hereford’s role as the US Royal Ambassador-At-Large entails creating pivotal connections between various African kingdoms, organizations, businesses, and the diaspora. Her mandate is to promote harmonious relationships, collaborations, and partnerships that contribute to the advancement of economic, cultural, and social growth between the Ateker people, the global Black diaspora, and allies.

At the heart of her responsibilities, she will play a central role in the negotiation for sales of raw materials and precious metals, facilitating transactions that drive economic empowerment and sustainable development. Her extensive network and expertise will serve as invaluable assets in enhancing trade relations between regions and promoting mutually beneficial investments.

The Ateker Kingdom Alliance is ruled by HRH Papa Paul Sande Emolot, the King of the Iteso Nation of East Africa, it unites over 750 diverse African kingdoms, chiefdoms, and cultural institutions under a shared vision of cultural cohesion, socioeconomic development, and collective progress. The alliance’s objective is to build bridges of progress and peace between Africa’s continental and Africa’s diaspora, fostering partnerships that contribute to the growth of both regions.

Ambassador Hereford’s appointment aligns seamlessly with her dedication to sustainable development, economic empowerment, and building bridges. Her pivotal role as the US Royal Ambassador-At-Large exemplifies the Ateker Kingdom Alliance’s commitment to cross-cultural collaboration, economic growth, and empowering communities across Africa and in the global Black diaspora.

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