Athletes Trust NDPE for Their Pain Relief, Healing and Rehabilitation Needs

Sydney, Australia – Feb 11, 2019 – There are many reasons that individuals turn to Northern Districts Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic (NDPE). The physio practice offers a wide range of services and has earned a reputation for effective treatments that quickly return clients to their regular activities.

“We have built a strong reputation based on high quality services for all patients,” said Michelle Collins, owner of NDPE. “We are dedicated to providing the best and most up to date physiotherapy assessment techniques to develop the best treatment and management plan for each individual patient.”

Many people mistakenly believe that physiotherapy is only for people that have injuries from vehicle injuries or due to workplace accidents. NDPE provides therapies for accident victims, those that engage in sports at all levels of ability, custom orthotics for gait problems and chronic conditions, and issues that are specific to women. The practice also offers special offers for new patients.

The physio Sydney practice provides an array of physiotherapy techniques and technology that can be used alone or in combination for the best patient outcome. Hands-on joint and spine mobilisation and manipulation, Pilates and custom exercise programs, and acupuncture and dry needling are all methods that relive pain, improve strength and increase ease of motion.

The professionals provide postural advice and education, muscle energy techniques and programs for rehabilitation and regaining strength in the affected area. Balance training, re-education, gait training, women’s health physio Sydney and custom orthotics are available. The practice also provides ergonomic assessments and advice for work stations.

Sports physiotherapy is focused on illnesses and injuries resulting from sports-related endeavors, but it also addresses the performance, strength, stamina and flexibility of the individual. Recreational and high-performance athletes will find healing and rehabilitation at the sports physiotherapy Sydney practice.

Recreational and high-performance athletes are subject to any number of injuries ranging from sprains and Achilles tendonitis toshin splintsand pain in the neck, back and spine. NDPE treats all those conditions, along with injuries of the hands, fingers, shoulders, knees and elbows. Hamstring, groin and thigh muscle injuries can be particularly painful and the practice provides prompt, effective therapies.

The focus at Northern Districts Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic is to determine the underlying cause of pain and injuries to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. The practice provides therapies for pain, healing and rehabilitation that prevents relapses and reduces the potential for future injuries.

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