Asscky presents a platform to chat anonymously within the local area

Asscky is a newly launched mobile application on Google Play store and iTunes that enables the user to chat with people around their location without revealing their identity. The app has been referred to as the new version of the app Yik Yak, launched in 2013 to enable the users to create and view discussion threads within 8-mile radius. Asscky is developed with an aim to keep messages and interactions safe while giving the user freedom to be themselves.

Just like Yik Yak, that allowed the users to like or dislike ‘yaks’, Asscky allows its users to up and down vote content, but also label the other users as ‘donkeys’ if they’re not behaving nicely and in turn, they are not allowed to participate in boards that ban donkeys. The app enables the users to view what people are talking about in their area and give a healthy opinion on the various topics

The coolest part about Asscky is the ability to instantly interact with a large crowd. With Private Boards, Asscky lets presenters use a code to allow hundreds of people to all interact with the presenter without exchanging emails or personal information. It was really cool trying it on an audience!

Asscky allows the users to use the map for finding Asscky boards around their location and see what people are talking about. They can find and jump into boards within their location while also share and interact anonymously with others on the board. The user can also create their own public Asscky boards and let others share.

One of the important features of the app that helps in preventing cyberbullying and abuse is that the users can give someone a Donkey badge if they’re not being nice. The boards will show if a Donkeys are present and warn the users who dislike negative interactions. Users can also create boards that ban donkeys. The app provides a chance to the ‘donkeys’ to be nice by doing good interactions and receive upvotes to shed their donkey badge and get rid of their donkey status.

Asscky enables the users to truly be themselves while sharing their thoughts and feelings. It encourages positive and heartfelt conversations by concealing the identity of the user. The users can also create private boards that only they and a selected group of friends can see. The app generates a board code and the user can share their board code with secret friends to interact privately.  The private boards are secured with an additional layer of security and no one can access it without the secret code.

The app is available for free download at Google Play store and iTunes.

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