Assault Lawyers Reveal Why Legal Representation Is A Must

A Toronto law firm has called on people who are charged with domestic or physical assault to come forward and seek legal advice from an assault lawyer.

Toronto lawyers Mass Tsang have warned that facing assault charges without a lawyer could impact the outcome of the case – guilty or not guilty.

A spokesman from Mass Tsang said: “The law is complex and the court system can be very confusing if you are tackling it alone. So many people don’t seek legal support because they don’t realize the impact it can have on the outcome of their case – whether they are guilty or not guilty, and because they are worried about cost.

“We would urge people not to worry about the cost of legal help and contact us for a free consultation immediately. Legal representation could be the difference between time in jail or an arrangement for probation or community service with the court.

“We have a total of 30 years of experience among our senior lawyers. We have dealt with more than 1,000 assault cases. We understand the legal system, we can help you navigate the complex and confusing judicial system, and we can make sure your case is heard and represented fairly.

“We understand that funds can be tight for many people, so we have made sure that our services are accessible to everyone. We have a special payment plan that can be set up, so our clients can make comfortable monthly payments if they need to.

“All we would ask is that people take advantage of our free initial consultation with our team and find out how we can help them before they make a decision on moving forward with their case.

“A physical or domestic abuse charge can ruin someone’s reputation if the claims are false. We can use our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the physical abuse law and our expert defence strategies to help your case.

“A domestic abuse charge is never as simple as it looks from the outside. We work with our clients to ensure we understand your version of events and help to communicate these circumstances in court to help with your defence. These sorts of charges will often result in a bail hearing and we will always have our lawyers on hand to attend bail hearings at short notice.

“By having an experienced lawyer at a bail hearing, it can reduce the number of strict conditions that are attached to the bail and the domestic abuse charges. We just want people to realize how important having a professional lawyer representing their case can be,” he added.

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Mass Tsang is a criminal defence law firm with more than 30 years of experience between its top lawyers. The Toronto based firm has representatives who speak Russian, Mandarin, Punjabi, Cantonese and many other languages to ensure no-one is denied legal support.

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