Assac Network Wins New Contract

Ramat Hasharon, Israel – July 25, 2016 – Assac Networks, a leading company in the fields of mobile communication security and cyber protection, was  awarded a contract for the supply of its advanced peripheral smartphone security apps and system solutions to a homeland security agency of a country in the Americas.

Assac Networks announced that the contract includes the supply and implementation of its advanced CryptoSwitch and CryptoShield anti-tapping and anti-hacking  solutions for smart phones, IT cyber protection for fixed-line, mobile and vehicular communication equipment and a cyber defense solution for devices utilized by an elite anti-terrorism unit.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO said that “This contract is a result of the extensive efforts  we’ve put into developing CryptoSwitch and CryptoShield – the most comprehensive smartphones and mobile communication security solutions available in the market today for smartphones and mobile communication. It further demonstrates that HLS agencies worldwide trust our solutions to provide 360° protection for their mobile and fixed line communications.”

About Assac Networks:

ASSAC NETWORKS develops, integrates and markets network-forensic and security products and solutions in the fields of mobile and fixed-line communication as well as cyber protection systems for SCADAs, ISPs, governmental agencies and commercial organizations.  The Company’s  CryptoSwitch and CryptoShield systems, originally developed  for military and HLS applications, were adapted for commercial use and are being used  by both security and civilian organizations worldwide.

Media Contact
Company Name: Assac Networks Ltd.
Contact Person: Shimon Zigdon, CEO
Phone: +44-203-2879223
Country: United Kingdom