Aspiring Cloud Hosting Businessman, Daniel Schultz, Starts New Backup Solutions Business

Daniel Schultz owns Nice Price Hosting, one of the most promising cloud hosting services you’ll see around. Renowned for its exceptional customer service, Nice Price Hosting has already acquired many customers. With customers having a lot of good things to say about the services of his hosting business, it’s no surprise that Dan wants to extend his operations.

Cyber Housekeeping is Dan’s new venture, offering backup solutions to local companies. “I am very pleased with the feedback we received from customers who purchased hosting services from Nice Price Hosting,” said Daniel. “Many of them asked us if we provide backup solutions as well. It’s safe to say there’s a demand for it, and we would not want to pass on that opportunity. Cyber Housekeeping is the reflection of it.”

For now, Cyber Housekeeping aims to serve the local small businesses in Chicago. If things go right, the company will definitely try to attract global consumers. From the case study of Nice Price Hosting, it’s evident that Dan’s businesses don’t take too long to take off. He will surely hope for rapid growth from Cyber Housekeeping as well.

Cyber Housekeeping currently offers 7 types of backup solutions. Here’s a glimpse into all these services-

Files and Folders- Cyber Housekeeping provides automatic, incremental, reliable, and secure files and folder backup for Windows, macOS, and Linux. One of the key advantages of this service is businesses can capture data used by their teams regardless of the system they prefer. Even large file sizes won’t cause any issues. This is a very convenient service for businesses that need user file backup solutions. File & Folders Backup

Image Backup- Disk image backup can be very handy if you need to restore your system. It works for PCs, cloud servers, and virtual machines alike. Moreover, if you need to backup your entire disk or partitions, you can look into this service as it’s seamless. Bare-metal restoration capabilities will enable you to reinstate your PC from the ground up.

Microsoft 365 Backup- This service works great with emails, OneDrive, and SharePoint & Teams. If you are a regular user of Microsoft 365, you should know that Microsoft also advocates for third-party backup solutions. Cyber Housekeeping protects user accounts instead of devices, which gives you more flexibility. No matter how many devices you use, this is your one-stop solution for Microsoft 365 backup.

Microsoft SQL Backup– File-based backup solutions very often fail to protect databases, but that is not the case with Cyber Housekeeping’s Microsoft SQL backup solutions. You can protect your entire database and save it to the cloud in no time. This service is compatible with CRM applications, ERP applications, Document Management Systems, and Financial Management Systems. Cyber Housekeeping also offers you a backup management portal, with which you can schedule when backups run.

Microsoft HyperV Backup– If your virtual machines are hosted with a Windows server, Cyber Housekeeping can help with protecting all versions of HyperV. This service can protect Server Configurations, Virtual Drives, and Active Data. Moreover, you also have access to a variety of saved checkpoints. If needed, you can restore from these recovery points when necessary, instead of restoring the whole system.

Synology Backup- This CSM 6&7 compatible backup system keeps your Synology NAS files and folders secure. You can easily backup your locally stored data within a secure cloud with Cyber Housekeeping’s Synology Backup service. You will not have to worry about the configuration, management, or even maintenance, as Cyber Housekeeping will take care of everything.

Exchange Backup- Keep your Microsoft Exchange Server secure against cyber attacks. Cyber Housekeeping’s Exchange Backup service tops Microsoft’s retention capabilities in many ways. With a complete scheduled backup, protect your email data from cyber security vulnerabilities. If any data is missing, you can restore it really fast with Cyber Housekeeping’s support, even entire email databases. With this service, you’ll also be able to enjoy Granular Recovery, Deduplication, Snapshots, and Military-grade encryption. It is compatible with a wide variety of storage options, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, and Backblaze B2.

With such a wide range of backup solutions, Cyber Housekeeping aims to become the most reliable backup solutions provider to Chicago-based businesses. Daniel Schultz believes a business can only flourish when it makes life easier for the customers, and Cyber Housekeeping’s services do that pretty well. On top of that, top-notch customer support has always been a strong suit of Dan’s businesses.

“In my 20 years in the IT industry, I saw many brilliant services failing to acquire customers,” Said Dan. “Why? Because their customer support was not satisfactory. When a customer calls you, and you fail to provide them with a quick solution, they lose faith in you no matter what. We live in a very competitive world now; if you don’t provide comfort to your customers, someone else surely will.”

When asked about his future plans, Dan said at the moment his top priority is to scale both Nice Price Hosting and Cyber Housekeeping. He has some other business ideas that he would love to implement, but it will take some time to bring them to life.

Cyber Housekeeping is here to give its competitors a tough time for sure. Only time will tell how far Dan can take this business, but so far, things are so good. Dan urged everyone to wish him luck.

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