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Knowing how to deal with a new phase of feelings is important in order not to mess things up. sums up 3 relationship stages members should go through in their romance journey.

Relationship phases – stages any romantic relationship should go through. Research shows that for every milestone a relationship has reached, there will be minor changes as a sign. For example, being able to fart in front of each other means that the two have entered the intimacy phase. During each romantic relationship, lovers need to be smart when progressing through each stage. Knowing how to deal with a new phase of feelings is very important in order not to mess things up.

The Honeymoon Stage

This is the beginning – the time when the relationship is picking up and in its best period. It’s all romantic, happy and is the best feeling in the world. You smile when you get a text, blush when someone says their name, laugh all the time, agree with each other on almost everything, give each other silly pet names, stay up all night talking on the phone, you listen to each other and remember everything, cuddle up, talk about each other when you’re not together, look for excuses to spend time together, see things they’d like everywhere, re-read their conversations, stalk each other on social media, and the list goes on… As this is the time when both are the happiest, just take advantage of it and enjoy yourselves.

The Commitment Stage

The first few stages of a relationship may seem to move pass quickly, but lovers are a lot slower when it comes to making commitments. In general, men tend to say “I love you” more easily than women in the first three months, and as a relationship progresses to a certain extent, one can easily commit because of adrenaline and hormones, and less willing to think about the consequences of promises.

According to research, it takes around 45% lovers a year to get engaged or buy property together, 43% a year to get a joint bank account, 51% a year to get married and 41% wait a year before conceiving a child.

28% of them would move in together, 13% would get engaged and 15% would get a pet together in six months or less.

50% are happy to introduce their new partner to their friends within the first three months, but 64% wait twice as long to introduce them to family.

Heartbreak Stage

This is probably a stage many people will come across, but also the end of a relationship. You think about the good times you spend all day long, you pick up the phone again and again and want to contact each other, but think of the quarrels you had, which make furious. Finally, you want to erase the good times you had and get drunk at a bar, but that’s not enough to heal you. Most people will move on and face life with a smile, to prepare for the next journey of a new romance. When you need love but are too busy with work to make time to find a partner, why not consider making friends online? provides you with a decent platform to build connections online. Whether it is friendship or a lasting relationship, AsiaMe can meet your needs with easy to use online communication tools for tons of opportunities. You can use Live Chat for convenient and instant communication, the phone call service to hear each other’s voice, or CamShare to see each other face-to-face and increased intimacy. Perseverance is the key to success!

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