Ashley Baldridge co-authors book ‘Sanctified Silence: Untold Stories of Preachers’ Kids’ and soars to coveted Amazon #1 Bestseller spot.

Ashley Baldridge co-authors book 'Sanctified Silence: Untold Stories of Preachers' Kids' and soars to coveted Amazon #1 Bestseller spot.
Ashley Baldridge Shares Her Compelling Story in #1 Bestselling Anthology ‘Sanctified Silence’

Ashley Renae` Baldridge, known as the purpose junky and an advocate for spiritual and personal development, proudly features as a co-author in the #1 bestselling anthology, ‘Sanctified Silence: The Untold Stories of Preachers’ Kids.’ This compelling collection, curated with care by Dr. Natasha Tupper of Polished Perspective Publishing House, has resonated deeply with readers nationwide, earning its place at the top of Amazon’s Bestseller list.

In her chapter, “Walking in Purpose,” Ashley shares her journey as a preacher’s kid, navigating the shadows of expectation and the light of divine calling. Her narrative weaves together the challenges of living up to a legacy while carving out a personal identity and destiny in faith. It’s a story of overcoming, growth, and the relentless pursuit of one’s God-given purpose.

Born to Levell and Regina Baldridge, Ashley’s life has been a testament to the power of faith, family, and education. Her achievements, from earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Management at Wayne State University to pursuing her Masters in Christian Ministry at Oral Roberts University, underscore her commitment to empowering others to seize their destiny.

Ashley’s vision extends beyond her academic and professional accomplishments. As the host of the “Live with Purpose Show” and founder of Purpose & Co. Ministries, she fosters a community where young people are encouraged to embrace their unique gifts and walk confidently in their calling.

“The acclaim of ‘Sanctified Silence’ speaks volumes about the hunger for authentic stories of faith, struggle, and triumph,” says Ashley. “I’m honored to share my story and hope it inspires others to step out of the shadows and into their purpose with boldness and faith.”

Ashley Renae` Baldridge’s contribution to “Sanctified Silence” is a beacon of hope for anyone wrestling with the expectations of others and the calling of their own heart. Her chapter is not just a personal narrative; it’s a roadmap for living a life fueled by purpose.  The book is available for purchase and can be purechased here.

About Ashley Renae` Baldridge:

Gifted, driven, and endlessly creative, Ashley Renae` Baldridge is a young visionary committed to empowering individuals to embrace their divine purpose. Through her educational pursuits, broadcast platform, and ministry, Ashley is a dynamic force for change, inspiring all to live boldly and purposefully.

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