Ascend AI Unveils Scopenotes – The AI Assistant for Client Servicing

AI tool generates actionable outcomes from client conversations in just seconds

LONDON – April 11, 2024 – Scopenotes is a new AI assistant built to streamline client communication by converting client meetings into valuable outcomes for client service professionals in a few clicks. With Scopenotes, these professionals can access an automated summary of client decisions, feedback, and agreed next steps within seconds of signing out of a meeting.

Professionals who work in client-facing roles regularly face the challenge of managing conversations and tracking interactions in real time. Failure to keep up with scope changes can easily lead to overservicing and related issues that complicate client relationship management and negatively impact revenue.

This AI assistant from Ascend AI tackles these issues with note-taking capabilities that leverage active listening to capture feedback accurately, understand client needs, and offer customized solutions. With Scopenotes, professionals can cut down on the amount of time they spend on post-meeting admin tasks. For one Scopenotes client, this translates to a 45-minute time saving as she now spends 15 minutes on tasks that would normally take 1 hour.

“Many client service professionals we’ve spoken to are weighed down by the responsibility of keeping up with client conversations,” says Scopenotes co-founder and AI expert Jeffrey Davis. “We built our AI assistant specifically to help capture requirements, whether during in-person or virtual meetings, and translate them into actionable outcomes. This offers professionals valuable insight into what to prioritize, in addition to giving them the bandwidth they need to focus on tasks that clients value.”

For client service professionals, what seems like a simple meeting is followed by lots of administrative tasks. These could include creating client briefs, generating follow-up emails, recording RFP responses, and keeping track of project deliverables. This AI assistant from Ascend AI seamlessly captures, analyzes, and uses information from every conversation, freeing professionals up to focus on delivering value to clients.

Users of Scopenotes can employ this user-friendly AI assistant for different client service tasks. Scopenotes has the ability to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings and discussions. The fact that it can automatically generate a follow-up email for professionals to send to their clients directly from meeting notes simplifies the follow-up process. Scopenotes also offers customizable templates for meeting summaries, decisions, next steps, and client briefs. With streamlined project management and client engagement tools, Scopenotes also takes the hassle out of customer relationship management.

Since Scopenotes is built specifically around the pain points that client service professionals need help with, this tool stands out from other AI assistants. Whereas conventional AI assistants focus on the technology solving the problem, Scopenotes was developed with a human-centric focus on the problem.

With its unique features and capabilities, Scopenotes empowers client service professionals to differentiate themselves from the competition and deliver exceptional value to clients. By summarizing lengthy discussions from both virtual and in-person meetings within seconds, Scopenotes fills a gap in the market and ensures that all client expectations are met. This focus on client expectations empowers professionals in client-facing roles to focus on the aspects of a project that matter most to their clients.

Scopenotes streamlines client service roles by generating an actionable list of conversation outcomes to keep client service professionals focused on what clients care about. In this way, Scopenotes is built to help these professionals offer meaningful and unforgettable services to their clients, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

About Scopenotes

Scopenotes is an AI assistant from Ascend AI that generates conversation outcomes for client service professionals, empowering them to focus on what matters to clients. Beyond streamlining the more tedious and repetitive aspects of client relationship management, Scopenotes enables professionals to stand out for delivering meaningful services to their clients.

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