Asad Ravjani Aka Lucky Has An Apt Reply On Why He Loves To Show Off His Luxuries

Asad Ravjani Aka Lucky Has An Apt Reply On Why He Loves To Show Off His Luxuries

Luxuries in life won’t come with a job until you are on a higher designation. To enjoy the best luxuries in life, entrepreneurship is the right way to follow. It not just gives the right exposure to the world but also teaches valuable lessons. A young notable business mind named Asad Ravjani alias Lucky is the entrepreneur who has got several businesses.

He is the founder and CEO of Gaba Group which has got many ventures including gold, diamonds, agriculture export, mines, minerals, information technology, luxury hotels and trading and manufacturing hub at Jebel Ali, Dubai.

He has always emphasized on developing a business mind rather than doing the mainstream 9 to 5 job. According to him, the 9 to 5 routine will help in paying bills whereas working round the clock as an entrepreneur will help in building the empire.

His businesses have helped him travel different parts of the world and his luxurious life is truly inspiring many aspiring entrepreneurs to make it big in the game. His posts on social media rightly show that he is living life like a king-size.

However, Asad on multiple occasions earlier has been questioned why he shows off on the internet about his life. To this, he replied, “It’s very simple. If you have it, why won’t you flaunt it? Luxuries have become a part of my life and I am proud that it has become my lifestyle now.”

Adding to it, he even stated that it is not about showing off but living the life which he always dreamt of. Transforming every challenge into a golden opportunity, the businessman is unstoppable in the entrepreneurial world.

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