Denver, CO – There’s allegedly more to look up to this summer as multi-talented artist, Reve Kalell preps for his album launch with the visuals of “Expect Us”, a track from the forthcoming album. The single, “Expect Us”, is produced by Tone Jonez Music Video: Co-Directed by Reve Kalell and Leland Schmidt, and is out on YouTube now.

He let a little snippet out with the following lyrics from the song giving the public what to expect, “On 9/11 they blew up towers to wage wars, for that reason Islam has been getting hate since. Video proof of the bombs popping on each floor, with Saudi terrorists, but where was that invasion?”

Very much in tune with the current state of issues that effect Americans culturally, socially, politically and economically, no one would expect the messy haired, weed smoking lyricist in Heisenberg glasses to be such a strong voice for injustice and inequality.

With a genre bending sound and culturally diverse movement, the quirky Denver native seems primed for instant global status. On “Expect Us,” Reve unleashes bold, politically charged lyrics that may have you searching for videos on the weird side of YouTube shortly after listening.

Coupled with an equally aggressive and eye opening video, this fiery introduction is sure to cause a fair amount of critical discussion and debate online. “Expect Us” is the first single on an incredibly diverse new album titled Genesis, armed with masterfully crafted flows, smooth melodic vocals, and production that somehow makes you nostalgic of the future. 

The Black Nation artist put together, “Genesis,” a while back to pass a strong message using the character of an educated but radical anti-hero. In the album, he further indicates what his demise should mean to revolution when he passes away. Reve Kalell does an impeccable job passing on this message with the collusion of old school hip hop, new school trap, EDM, and hints of rock.

“Genesis” will be released under Black Nation Management LLC and will be distributed under the canopy of Mile High Records, a partner company to the aforementioned establishment.

About Reve Kalell

Reve Kalell is a rapper, singer, producer, and activist from Denver, CO. His mission is to create high energy, fun music that blends all genres, while simultaneously speaking about real issues and topics. The goal of this PR campaign is to introduce Reve into new markets and genres (along with hip hop outlets) as a public character who is praised or criticized for his beliefs as much as the music he creates. It is important to highlight his diversity.

With gritty politically charged hip hop records like Expect Us, and the “Plug into any commercial” record Genesis going back to back on the album, it shows that Reve can successfully exist in the pop commercial realm while simultaneously keeping the streets and underground markets emotionally connected and invested. Couple that with his ability to legitimately sing and produce, his potential to reach multiple markets is limitless. He may be the only rapper that can tap into every one.

On release, the album will be available on all music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Tidal. In the meanwhile, the video for “Expect Us” is available on YouTube .

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