Artist and songwriter Kéo, creates a niche of meaningfulness for herself in the music industry

Recording Artist/Songwriter whose songs resonates with thoughtful lyrics and lays emphasis on mental health, self-awareness and inclusivity

Kéo, a Los Angeles based R&B/Pop artist is creating a positive change in the world with her songs that pass an important message to listeners. The recording artist and songwriter releases songs that reckon with mental health, self-awareness and inclusivity. This can be seen in her single “Face to Face” which focuses on vulnerability and confronting past mistakes. Her debut EP “I Sank Then Swam” reckoned with a love lost, betrayal and emerging from the ashes with hopefulness.

“Her lyrics roll off the tongue with similar esteem, crafted with crowd-pleasing, relatable consideration and a hum-along chorus sticky enough to show up on Billboard charts,” says NPR Tiny Desk.

Kéo’s ultimate intention is to bring back substance and story to R&B music by drawing inspiration from classic influences. She stands out from other artists with her undeniably signature spin and her songs are geared at keeping a finger on the pulse of sonic cultural trends.

Her songs also preach female empowerment, self-confidence, and encourages listeners to create the life they want. As an advocate for LGBT rights, Kéo has been aligning with projects and networks that further her vision of living in a more equally represented world.

In addition to her success as an independent artist, Kéo’s most recent songwriting and vocal production work has been a major player in Barbie’s massive female empowerment rebrand campaign, Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” Nickelodeon’s new toy line Squishy Littles, among many other world renowned tv shows.

Kéo’s songs are geared towards dosing out a bit of ear candy while injecting meaningful lyrics that are timeless and classic. In her words, “My main goal with anything that I work on creatively is to bring substance into any story while making something timeless/classic with enough ear candy to get stuck in your head with an undeniable melody.”

Kéo’s songs including, Face To Face, Staring A Flame, Chocolate, Rain, and Count Me In and more are all currently available on Spotify.

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