Artist Ali Adel in the \”Smell of the Soul\” – A Character of Different Dimensions

Star Ali Adel revealed some of the features of the character he embodies, which is the largest number of scenes in the series “Smell of the Spirit,” written by “Ahram Arzan” and directed by “Suheir Sarmini.”

The Egyptian artist said that he played the role of “Ibrahim,” who is married and not interested in his family. He is very rich. He is the second son of Haj Abu Nader who is a model of the traders, Ibrahim, by virtue of his work; he owns all the details of the family and runs his father’s companies remotely. His father is pressing him to leave his job and run the group of companies of his father who suffers from multiple problems, including the ruthlessness of his children remaining.

He added that “Ibrahim is also exposed to problems in his work and fight against his natural enemies.” On the construction of Ibrahim’s character as represented, he explains: “As for converting the character from paper to human beings, to make a different dimension to it is by discovering its color, smell, movement, and even its looks and emotions”.

The series “Smell of the Soul,” which the Syrian society dramatizes, contradicts the contradictions between the various basic classes, and within each one of them, does not attend the “intractable war” as an act or a background or as a partial projection, but probably as a symbolic reaction in the features of the characters, which is symbolically based on the innate sense.

Like the rest of the works of the artist Ali Adel, many of his thoughts and mind are involved in adding the appropriate personality traits to the role, which is the constructive interaction between the personality and the viewers that is always sought in all his work, to embody roles with different real dimensions close to reality.

The participation of the artist Ali Adel in the series “Smell of the Spirit” is one of the most important current dramas in addition to his participation in the embodiment of personality in the series “Ward black” with the artist Wael Sharaf.

In the opinion of the technical critics that the embodiment of the artist Ali Adel of those different characters in such a distinctive performance in a short period is only a fast transition and a remarkable achievement by the artist Ali Adel during his career. Thus forming the features of his artistic presence in the hearts of his fans and followers of his art.

About Ali Adel

Ali Adel is a fast-rising talent and is one of the most promising actors in Egypt. He has worked with and draws inspiration from big stars like Wael Sharaf, Ahmed Hasan, and Karim Abdel Aziz. Ali Adel has featured in TV series popular TV series such as What the Day Owes the Night (2012), Bab Al Hara (2015), and El-Haram el-Rabe (2016).

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