Arti Modi Discusses How She Has Achieved Success In New Industry Elites Interview

Calgary, Alberta – April 18, 2023 – Arti Modi is an experienced business professional and the founder of a successful real estate company based out of Alberta. Currently focused on the FinTech industry, Arti has helped create the marketing division for some of Canada’s leading companies. Arti recently sat down with a popular interview platform to discuss her professional achievements. When asked how she got started in the space, she states:

“We felt there was a need in the industry to help large brands attract customers and have a measurable ROI. A company will rely on digital channels to bring in customers at each level of the marketing funnel, whether it’s at the top of the funnel with brand building and awareness or at the bottom with generating sales. They allocate a marketing budget to an internal channel or hire specialists. The problem they run into is customers who don’t fit their product or those living in a geographical area they don’t serve.”

According to Arti, their company’s success is measured by performance, and they are able to monetize every dollar to ensure their customers achieve optimal results. Throughout the interview, Arti also discusses some of the obstacles she has had to overcome as an ambitious and goal driven individual.

“One obstacle that we’ve had to overcome is that we’re a small company in Canada. We intend to stay that way for a long time because I don’t want to have so many employees that we lose the ability to build one-on-one relationships with everyone. The biggest obstacle is that we’re in Calgary, and we don’t have an office anymore. We let it go through COVID, and we’ve gone entirely remote. Now we’re working on building a corporate culture where everyone’s working cohesively and utilizing the digital tools available as well as building a bond with everyone that’s not just a nine to five relationship, but really getting to know each other.”

Arti emphasizes the importance of a positive company culture and claims that she is always working towards strengthening office dynamics. Having gained insight from many of her past successes, she is always looking for new opportunities.

About Arti Modi

Arti Modi is the co-founder of Consumer Genius – a marketing firm based out of Calgary, Alberta. Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, Mrs. Modi and her team help consumers make informed decisions about products and services. Those interested in learning more about Consumer Geenius can do so on their official website at

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