Art Services Network Announces Commencement of US Olympics Museum Project in Colorado Springs

Art Services Network Announces Commencement of US Olympics Museum Project in Colorado Springs

New Olympics Museums in Colorado Springs, CO
Art Services Network starts work on the prestigious US Olympics Museum project in Colorado Springs.

Art Services Network, the premier resource of the world’s best art professionals who are firmly committed to ensuring the care and spread of art across the globe, has made a major announcement. The Network has been chosen to help the US Olympic Committee build two new museums because of its unrivaled expertise in this field.

“Art Services Network is proud to announce further growth in their museum-serving venture, Preparator Network (Prep Net),” says Kevin Dunn, Chief Operations Officer of Art Services Network “We’re working again with the good people from CREO Industrial Arts. The last job was in Cody, Wyoming, and involved building an exhibit of over 5000 guns and related artifacts.”

Art Service Network has two other divisions, namely Art Installer Network and Art Handler Network. The former serves customers in corporate settings while the latter provides quality service to clients who manage art holdings, logistics, auction houses, and storage facilities.

The Art Installer Network (AIN) was created in 2015 with a special IRS designation and helped do away with payroll expenses. With the AIN concept turning out to be a major success, the management decided to launch the Preparator Network and the Art Handler Network.

The Art Handler Network is the national registry of local art handlers and helps clients by introducing clients to prominent professionals. Clients can order services from the Art Handler Network website. Pending job notifications are sent to those handlers located near to the site. Their details are sent to the clients for their approval and for commencing the pending projects.

The Preparator Network is one of the most complete and comprehensive local databases of preparators. The database has been created to help connect clients find the top museum professionals for their art projects. The platform accepts the responsibility of paying the deposits of preparators, organizing the travel and lodging needs, and making advance payments before the preparators get their payment from the clients.

According to Art Services Network, they have renewed their commitment to CREO when they came to ASN for assistance and guidance in building the two new museums for the US Olympic Committee. ASN has been working with CREO continuously to honor their commitment to the new museum project.

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Art Services Network is the business entity that has been designed and launched as the parent firm of Art Installer Network and Preparatory Network. The network has been designed to provide seamless access to art providers and service providers.

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