AriseBank Announces The Crypto Treaty and Begins The Purchase Process Of An FDIC-Insured Bank.

Dallas, TX – AriseBank on Thursday morning announced “The Crypto Treaty” and are looking to involve the thirteen original crypto colonies for a global constitution and a new financial declaration of independence for the world. Arise has already agreed with five of these cryptocurrency communities and leading holders in these communities have further agreed to put up a portion of their holdings in an effort to acquire an FDIC-insured bank. This past week, AriseBank CEO Jared Rice announced that 2.1 million dollars via the PIVx community, was used as the initial deposit to begin the purchase process. Today AriseBank also released more information about the acquisition and is setting a stage to reveal which banks are being acquired in the deal.

“Today is a historic day for crypto. A day where we begin to move towards bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. Although AriseBank and the purchase of a private bank group will remain two separate entities, we believe it’s our first chance to begin talking about fair regulatory measures where the old guard can function alongside the new guard. In turn, we will wait on the FDIC and others to weigh in on these possibilities, before we push any further. We simply look at today as a very historic moment in crypto history, where fair markets and a free economy are inching closer to becoming a reality in the US”, states Jared Rice Sr., CEO of AriseBank.

AriseBank released information via their Telegram channel Monday, saying there were two banks being acquired, a 100-year old FDIC insured bank and a 25-year old investment bank. Arise announced that the FDIC insured bank, which continues to go unnamed, has many licenses and certifications that include a commercial bank charter granted by the US Government, memberships with the Federal Reserve Bank of the US Government and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of the United States (FDIC) as well as being classified as insured depository institution of the FDIC. Also included in the acquisition are THFT (High Frequency Trading) licenses and registrations as well as many assets.

The 100-year old FDIC insured bank has assets that include a $10 million dollar loan and mortgage portfolio, 2,000 customer accounts, $10 million in customer deposits, SWIFT banking systems, intellectual capital, a commercial building, trading algorithms, purchase options to acquire several Fortune 500 companies, two residential properties, multi-decade professional and social relationships with government officials on 4 continents and cash capital of $1 million dollars on-hand. “Certainly our vision is to use the investment bank as a tunnel between the legacy bank and our decentralized cryptocurrency bank, as a way of putting many cryptocurrencies in the hands of consumers across the United States, without the 4–5 day waiting period, you typically see via other centralized cryptocurrency services like Coinbase and Gemini”, said Rice.

The AriseBank governance voted to include 13 cryptocurrencies in the unmanned treaty, including EOS, BitShares, STEEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitShares, PIVX, Stellar, IOTA, DASH, Vericoin and Verium. “This treaty is based on the highest principles of the constitutions of the countries of origin of each of these crypto communities. This is a collective of best practices, that are digital and constitutional first. This is the optimum combination of principles and talent for the economic and social betterment of the world’s majority”, said Eddy Taylor, spokesperson for AriseBank.

On Friday, the Texas Banking Commission issued a Cease and Desist to AriseBank’s leadership and to the AriseBank corporate offices, to remove the word “Bank” from their name. AriseBank issued an immediate response, refusing to comply with the State’s request and is said to be preparing several landmark lawsuits against the Texas Banking Commission, to be filed in the coming days. “Unbelievably, the central premise of the cease and desist was the insistence that we are not able to use the word bank. We stated that we’re not a legacy bank of any sort. We never stated that, in fact we have always stated we are a cryptocurrency bank and we insist that we have the right to use that word just as a food bank or a sperm bank has the right to use it as well”, said Rice.

Although AriseBank has yet to name the banks they are acquiring, they have recently announced that they will provide the names. Wednesday night via their Telegram channel, they announced that they would be providing the names of both the FDIC-insured bank and the investment bank within the next week, along with further details of the transfer of ownership that is said to be currently taking place. Arise leadership also announced a via Telegram Wednesday night, via their attorneys “We will relentlessly find and prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, any party who distributes false allegations regarding AriseBank.”

AriseBank’s stance is nothing new. Cryptocurrencies have long had this stance since their inception in 2008. Long before AriseBank was ever created. The concept of storing, sending, spending, receiving and viewing cryptocurrency balances, holdings and other related data in correspondence with these cryptocurrencies, has been the norm since that time. AriseBank does not maintain bank “branches”, nor will AriseBank ever have a branch being that it is a decentralized software. AriseBank clearly stands by the people that they represent, their rights and their ability to fight for those rights, in every way possible. Although this stance is nothing new, AriseBank is prepared to force the hand of any unfair individual or agency in the world and work with the fair regulators of the planet, to provide a free and open society for everyone.

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