Argentina NFT Launches Their First NFT Collection On OpenSea

Innovative NFT creator, Argentina NFT, announces the official launch of the first edition of Argentine politics NFTs on OpenSea

Argentina NFT has reiterated their commitment to portraying the politics in art and the art of politics with the recent launch of Elecciones PASO 2021, which is the first edition of Argentine politics NFTs on OpenSea. The collection, featuring more than 171 items, contains pieces designed to give enthusiasts of non-fungible tokens a unique experience as the country prepares for its primary elections.

The world of NFTs has literally exploded in recent times, with blockchain experts describing it as the next big thing in the crypto market. Several creators and NFTs have emerged to meet the growing and diverse needs of different categories of stakeholders. However, Argentina NFT looks set to bridge the gap between arts and politics using NFTs, as substantiated by the launch of their first collection.

Within the framework of the simultaneous and mandatory open primary elections in Argentina that will take place on Sunday, September 12, 2021, the first edition of Argentine politics NFTs has gone live on OpenSea, giving the best experience to enthusiasts of non-fungible tokens. The digital art collection in its GOLD edition is currently available for purchase on the platform, the world’s leading NFTs marketplace for as low as 0.08 ETH.

The initiative is created by Argentines and for Argentines, with Argentina NFT seeking to bring as many people as possible across the country into the electoral process using art. Argentina NFT has also provided details of the first collection that uniquely integrates digital art in NFT format and Argentine politics, on their website –

For more information about Elecciones PASO 2021 and other works from Argentina NFT, visit – and Twitter.

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