Are The World of Neuroscience And Computer Science Really Different? Let’s Excavate Through Altneuro Team.

Altneuro showed the world, Altneuro can change the life of every member who believed in them.

London, United Kingdom – 17 May, 2019 – Today every team member of Altneuro is celebrating their success. Success mostly achieved so fast is due to their innovative computer neuroscience technology. When we asked Altneuro team members about the difference between neuroscience and computer science they shared many insights and knowledgeable message.

The director of Altneuro Mr. Ronnie Parker said “The world of neuroscience and computer science may seem different, but only from the surface!”

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The neuroscience and the computer neuroscience are way different to each other. These are two extreme scientific areas that are situated on two completely opposite poles. Neuroscience has found its place in the minds of the people since an ancient era. The ancient civilizations have studied about it and worked on it as well.

On the other hand, the computer neuroscience is something that belongs to this era and the future generations to come. Neuroscience was first considered in the era of 3000 to 2500 BC. How did people know about it?

Well, all because of one hardworking man, Mr. Edwin Smith. Mr. Smith was an American Egyptologist. He got his hands on an ancient scroll in 1892 and translated it to understand how brain was studied by the ancient civilizations.

On the other hand, the modern computer neuroscience has its roots in the modern era. In 1955, Mr. John McCarthy who was an America computer scientist, termed the term “Artificial intelligence” or AI as we know it today! It was launched in the year of 1956 at Dartmouth College.

From 1980s to 2000s enormous progress on the computer is recorded. Cloud computing became a concept quite early in the 90s. With the times developing and passing the new stepping stones were formed and the world of computers emerged as a brilliant man made wonder.

The future seems promising now. With more experiments on the Neuroscience and the computer neuroscience, smarter devices and smarter living is being looked up to. The future will see more progress with an estimation that the AI market will grow to a whopping $30.8 billion and that too by just 2020.

When asked the technical expert of Altneuro, he said “Almost every industry seems ready for a change and the change they are looking up to is nothing other than the computer neuroscience. It helps make processes easier and more efficient for the industries. Not only that, but it is a great cost-efficient method as well.

Just like the human brain the computer neuroscience also has enormous layers. And people cannot hold their excitement in digging up the new features. It is one reason why the future for these two scientific areas together seems bright and progressive.”

Let’s wish Altneuro team to fly higher and higher!

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