Dehesa School is gearing students up at a young age for an early start in creative writing. Each April, first graders are introduced to a comprehensive poetry unit that ignites their creativity in writing. This unit is in conjunction with National Poetry Month that is celebrated each April. National Poetry Month was first celebrated in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States.

During the poetry unit for first graders, the students take on learning multiple forms of poetry at an age-appropriate level. While learning different types of poetry and writing poems for themselves, students are preparing themselves for the final project in poetry. The project is a tribute poem that each student writes for or about their mother.

The first graders start the poem writing process by formulating questions they want to interview their mother with. Next, the students use the answers to those questions as a guide to write a poem with mom as the subject. This project concludes with a poetry reading recital where each student recites his or her poem in front of the Dehesa School community, including students, teachers, and families attending. The recital is followed by a small reception for the families to celebrate their first grader’s success.

Dehesa School recognizes that skills developed in writing will aid students in success in many academic areas. Learning poetry at a young age helps students acquire an understanding of using language in a different way, such as imagery, metaphors, rhyming, and tone. All of these things will advance students’ writing as they go on in higher grades to write essays and answer critical thinking questions.

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