“Appointment Setter” Helps 9-5ers And Beginner Entrepreneurs Become A High Paying Appointment Setters

"Appointment Setter" Helps 9-5ers And Beginner Entrepreneurs Become A High Paying Appointment Setters

Agency Cultivation LLC, also known as “Appointment Setter,” is a company that focuses on teaching you how to set appointments and assists you in becoming certified. They put you in touch with a business owner in our network who is looking for a certified setter. This business owner sells high-ticket items ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. The coach needs your help making more sales because they’re too busy, and you’d get a 5-10% commission on every appointment you set for the closer that turns into a sale.

Make the assumption that business owner’s product is $10,000, and you assist him in selling 10 units at a 10% commission by simply setting up appointments. You now earn 10 x $10,000/ 10 = $10,000 per month. That is what appointmentsetter.com can help you achieve in 60 days or less.

Daniek Zomer was born in 24th October, 1996, which means she’s still at a very young age. For her young age she has done a lot of things and reached many achievements. She pursued both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, believing that a degree was required to make money. When she graduated in September 2018, she realized that she did not want to work a 9-5 job for the rest of her life. So, she turned down lucrative job offers, moved out of his city apartment, and returned to her parents’ house.

Daniek Zomer started Amazon FBA and drop shipping in her room, but she received no results for 12 months. Then she went bankrupt and had to sell all of his possessions to pay for courses and mentorships. She also took a simple job as a cold caller in Telemarketing, earning $12 per hour. She got her first clients in May 2019 and finally scaled her first business, a social media marketing agency, to $10k monthly cash and then scaled from there.

Daniek Zomer met Bastiaan Slot in September 2019 and began dating in October of that year. They partnered up in March 2020 to work together and hit consistent $20k – $30k months from coaching for the majority of 2020. By October 2020, they will have earned $100,000 per month with this company. Since then, she has earned well over $500k per month and has coached over 2000 coaches worldwide.

She started telemarketing in December 2018 and left in June 2019. She enjoyed the work overall and noticed how much better she became at listening, communication, and sales skills. “It’s funny how working 7 months in telemarketing gave me more foundation on how to make money than my 4+ university education ever did.” she says.  Her father suffered a heart attack in January 2019. Daniek and her sister were the only ones at home with him. Fortunately, he survived, but she recalls realizing that she might lose him and he’d never see what she was working on to achieve. That made her work twice as hard after that. She believes that time is valuable in order to take care for others.

“If I could go back in time to 2019. Appointment setting is literally what I would tell myself to start with. I would not have to do telemarketing instead I would be able to make commission as a setter and learn high-income skills that would help me kick start an online entrepreneurial career.   I’ve seen many beginners who try to make money online quit too soon simply because they lack a variety of skills and mindset. Working as a setter keeps it simple as you get to focus on 1 skill + you get to work closely inside a successful business which will help yourself hugely with your mindset.” Daniek Zomer says. 

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