Apollo Insurance Group Offers Access to An Improved Health Coverage for Friday Health Plans Policyholders

The group offers individuals a chance for a better and healthier life, as it battles for its customers and their health needs

The inability of Friday Health Plans to scale its financial infrastructure and optimize its service delivery to its global clientele has necessitated several state regulators to clamp down on the insurance company’s operations, suspending new enrollments, terminating coverage in some states, and enforcing financial regulations on the company.

However, to protect current policyholders, the regulation on Friday Health Plan provides a special enrollment period for health insurance holders in Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and Colorado to find and select another exchange health insurance plan from June 1, 2023, to September 29, 2023. Fortunately, Apollo Insurance Group is providing a solution and solace to the affected Friday Health Plans policyholders.

Apollo Insurance Group is on a mission to serve its clients by helping them find the most affordable healthcare package that is suited to their needs. Since 2010, the group has been positively impacting its clients and partnering with them in their complex journey with health insurance. Apollo is poised to make the concept of health insurance understandable, easy to access, and affordable for all classes of citizens, offering a range of insurance services such as individual and group health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and Medicare, to name a few.  

The insurance group is licensed in every state and has forged strong relationships with a majority of the carriers across the country, such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oscar, and United Healthcare, so as to reach out to more individuals seeing health coverage. Apollo is also equipped with the required expertise and resources to help its client secure the best possible healthcare package. For the individuals and families who are losing coverage because Friday Health is shutting down, the Apollo Insurance Group is providing a new plan with free broker services to avoid any interruptions in coverage.

For more information, please visit https://apollo-insurance.com/friday-health-plans-leaving/  

About Apollo Insurance Group

Scott Eckley is the co-founder and president of the Apollo Insurance Group. In 2010, the insurance group’s mission to positively impact people’s lives was born, as it set out to serve its clients by meeting their needs in assisting them to find the best possible healthcare package for their budget and health needs.

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