AONE: $17 SmartCar with ADAS, Ecall, and OBD II

ADAS, based in Los Angeles, Calif., is seeking $15,000 by Oct. 31 to begin marketing their new AONE driving safety electronic device. With 31 days to go, they have received $10,673 toward their goal from 193 donors.

“ADAS ONE [AONE] represents an accumulated outgrowth of our own technical skills in advanced safe driving technology and development philosophy ensuring you and your family’s life protection,” Jennifer Jang, a company spokesperson, stated. 

Safety enhancing features in the AONE includes recognizing and warning of upcoming traffic signs, alerting of any lane departure without a turn signal, and avoiding collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

“A trivial carelessness can cause most car accidents and it even might take your life and family’s happiness away,” Jang point out. “With its advanced computer vision technology, AONE, the Safest driving companion, arranges extra precautions to avoid such accidents and ensures peace of mind for your loved ones. The high quality of detection is able to improve level of safety that you and your family can feel. ”

The Kickstarter campaign comes with seven levels of pledges with rewards, ranging from $17 to $8,000. Rewards from the lowest level on up include at least one set of the AONE device. At higher levels, multiple sets may be requested.

“The challenges we currently face are in the areas of compatibility and connectivity,” Jang stated. “There is a wide range of Android devices (smartphones) as well as operating system versions and supported APIs.”

AONE employs the computer vision technology and tools to gather data through OBD II. The AONE is coupled with OBD connector, OBD scanner, smartphone cradle and Android app. It is attached to the car’s rear view mirror and is designed to be by anyone, no mechanical experience is needed, according to Jang. The product currently supports only Android Phone but upgrades are being developed.

“AONE can become your another eye on the road for the traffic through the smartphone camera,” said Jang. “Watching the traffic accident outbreak situation caused by the negligence of the traffic situation on the road, when it detects an accident event, the driver tells the hazard warning.”

OBD II interface in the vehicle connects to an Android phone by a micro-USB connector.

“The initial goal of supporting all android devices at product launch proved to be resource intensive,” Jang said. “These and many other reasons have forced us to certify the Dec 2016 release only on smartphones running android version 4.4 – 6.0.1 (API 19-23 ).”

The company is working to adapt their device to be iOS-compatible (iPhones 5 and 6) with a launch end of 2016.

“Our passion and full commitment toward AONE has built up considerable amount of experience and knowledge in the vehicle camera system for completing the project successfully,” Jang said. “As the result of accumulating internal capacity, we were able to win CES Innovation award in two consecutive years by our own branded ADAS ONE line-up. Being awarded the prize is meaningful to us in that its competitiveness and perfection were already recognized by renowned professionals in related industry.”

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