AnyFlip – The New and Easy DIY Magazine Maker to Create a Fabulous Magazine

AnyFlip, a magazine maker, is packed with rich feature to create a fabulous magazine in quite a quick time. What’s more, it is user-friendly, even a novice also can make a DIY magazine.

The digital era is here. The promotion way of business has undergone a massive change that has swept the globe in one huge digital wave. To stay relevant, one has no choice but ride the wave of change. And one of the attribute of business gone digital is the creation of digital magazine by the usage of magazine maker. And, this is where AnyFlip slots right in. Helping to create an efficient digital magazine that is designed to drive businesses, AnyFlip is the answer for digital magazine creation made easy and user-friendly.

Digital magazine is characterized with its flip page nature which is very much a simulation of a book with pages. That realistic bookish experience in digital touches a sentiment chord in users as it connects traditional bookish style with digital technology minus the paper. By using AnyFlip magazine maker, that human bond with books meets creativity, current digital technology and business triumph.

The magazine maker by AnyFlip has garnered not only a lot of positive attention, but has also chalked up great reviews from thoroughly gratified users. The creation of an digital magazine using the magazine maker extended by AnyFlip involves only 3 very simple steps that a novice can master in no time – AnyFlip did not give its word that its magazine maker is simplified for nothing. The 3 steps constitute of:

1. Import the PDF file, and it will be converted into digital magazine.

2. Make some customization deemed necessary and suitable – let the creative juices flow

3. Publish the digital magazine online or local server.

Content in the form of PDF may be great but with AnyFlip magazine maker, more scope is covered in terms of commercial, marketing and catalogues that mention products. Using AnyFlip magazine maker, ideas can be splashed into visuals that are attention grabbing and a focus retaining force is also exuded palpably.

Behind AnyFlip is a dedicated team of magazine maker cognizant technologists led by Anna Lee, the Chief Designer of AnyFlip. She believes in the power and the enviromental friendly nature of digital magazine and wants to forward those milestones for businesses to thrive. The representation of content in a flipbook and its versatility and availability on many platforms make it the face of the future in the field of business and that is exactly what AnyFlip aspires and stands for.

AnyFlip magazine maker is not only in the now of things; it’s also in the ideas of how the future will shape up.

For more details about AnyFlip, please visit the AnyFlip Homepage.

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