Any Type of Legal Matter Makes Individuals Nervous Feeling that All Law Leads to Litigation

This is simply not the truth, and many seasoned attorneys do now stress resolution through arbitration and negotiation rather than litigation.  Litigation is a court process before a judge and is not only more costly it is also more stressful and time-consuming and even routine matters can drag on for months or even years.  When any individual needs an attorney for any civil matter it does behove them to find one that specializes in negotiation and arbitration and hopes to avoid litigation.  While all attorneys should be prepared to proceed with litigation it should not be the priority in many c ases as resolutions can be reached amicably now. 

Attorneys such as Yoel Lichtblau of North York, ON, has been providing the finest legal services in all types of fields for many years now to many areas within the GTA.  His services run the gamut from will and estates to real estate, to family law, to POA agreements (Power of Attorney), and other types of contract and law that may require conflict resolution rather than litigation, as this is his mission, to focus on conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution services are not just limited to divorce or child custody, or estate law after death.

Conflict resolution attorneys are employed during workplace disputes, slips and falls, insurance payment settlements, and many other types of law that others do not imagine.  It is a field that takes a lot of patience and skill as tempers between parties can arise without warning.  Contrary to what others might believe many work disputes can be settled with conflict resolution either between workers or between supervisory staff and most individuals are entitled to have an attorney present with them during disputes.

Rather than “fan the flames” conflict resolution seeks to find an alternative agreement that is acceptable to both parties.  Conflict resolution is also quite popular in child custody arrangements.  These are very emotional types of agreements and the good of the child or children is always the priority.  However, child custody agreements do not always occur during divorce as there can be non-married couples.  Conflict resolution also is highly valued in estate distributions either during a divorce or when a family member departs the earth suddenly.

Family members need an attorney with empathy and problem-solving skills as well as a great deal of fairness to succeed during these types of issues.

Lichtblau Law has all the qualities needed for great, fair conflict resolution.

Add to that the other types of law that are offered by this firm and their popularity and great reputation shows how others feel about the wonderful service they received.

Do not let civil issues go to an inexperienced attorney or attempt to handles these issues alone.  Heartache and mistakes will only ensue.  Seek an experienced attorney for not just conflict resolution, but wills, estates, trusts, real estate, and all other civil issues.  It is a small price to pay to arrive at a just agreement for all parties.

Knowledge of the law is power and seeking resolution over litigation a much sought-after objective in an attorney.

About Lichtblau Law Office

Yoel Lichtblau is the founder and chief counsel and has years of experience in conflict resolution.  He also offers advice and contracts on family law, real estate, work-related issues, trusts, and a host of other civil matters.  A full list of services exists on the website, as well as a contact form, a phone, and an email.  There is a blog for those that would like to learn about the law.  

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