Anuhya Summer Camp Highlighting Great Educational Opportunities For All Students/children

Students Can Learn Life Skills and a Little More About Themselves

Bangalore – December 18, 2018 – The Anuhya Summer Camp is coming soon to bring students and all the children an opportunity to learn new things in life skills during the summer holidays. In particular, the camp is designed to help students learn more unique things of value of life, moral value, Life skills. Much of this is to help students with getting the knowledge and skills they need to make the most out of their lives.

The Anuhya Summer Camp is operated by the Noble Institute of Education. The group provides regular courses for those looking for their BBA, MA, and BSc degrees among others.

The event will be held in Bangalore which is also residential and will include plenty of space for participation desires. The event lasts for around 10 days, but the lessons and skills that kids can learn while at the camp will last for a lifetime.

The camp focuses on Children of the present generation, where Confidence, Communication. Clarity is much needed along with the emotional balancing skills cope up, with situation etc… The camp will motivate the children to learn Life skills while offering attractive and fun activities along with Dance, Kung, photography, Adventure, and pottery, Zumba, swimming, gardening and many more. Many of these points entail extensive forms of teamwork and helping to make the most out of their Life activities. This camp also includes, Trekking, and rock climbing and Aqua zorba, Magic show, rain dance, star Gazing, tenting and many more activities

The things offered by the Anuhya Summer Camp include activities such as mind power, kung fu, personality development, and Adventure. Various physical and artistic endeavors are included in the set as well. The fun point about these activities is that they entail some intriguing ways for people to work out and get more out of their lives.

Participants can develop new interests and hobbies. More importantly, they can embrace each other and use teamwork to move forward in their goals and hobbies. The extended focus on being together will help students to feel positive about the work they put in.

The guidance provided to students will also help them to learn more about who they are and what skills they have. The points covered in the program will help students to enjoy their lives and make the most out of their efforts in learning new things and skills.

Students who are interested in learning more about what the special summer camp has to offer can visit or for additional information on what the event has to offer to students.

Anuhya summer camp is organized by DR. Ruupa Rao, A Psychologist, with a special diploma in child psychology, and a Doctorate in Computer Science, NLP practitioner, has developed the course curriculum in such a way that The programs would be totally outbound and completely activity based. Theories are very less, and an atmosphere which is children friendly have been selected for the same with healthy food.

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