Anti-Bullying Educator Releases New Children’s Book About The Value Of Cultural Diversity

New York City, USA – Oct 29th, 2018 – Anti-Bullying Educator and Children’s Author, Eleni Theodorou, launched the second book of her captivating series, entitled “Noko The Knight”: What’s Your Tribe’s Treasure?” at the South African Consulate General in New York City.

Theodorou’s new tale, set in the heart of the South African bushveld, compassionately sparks curiosity around the deep value of cultural diversity and inclusivity, encouraging children to explore what makes us different, yet so special.

“Readers are inspired by our protagonist, a charming prickly porcupine named “Noko” to learn more about their own heritage and to celebrate their tribe’s treasure with their fellow classmates, developing an inclusive learning environment in the classroom where students feel safe to share and grow together in education. This, in turn, aides in cultivating a deeper sense of empathy, further facilitating our mission to embed a culture of compassion far and wide,” Theodorou states.

Through her bullying prevention program (Noko’s Culture Of Compassion Campaign), Theodorou continues to serve School Districts (PreK-5), as well as a variety of school models, teaching children the Art Of Compassion. Her impactful program is multi-sensory, engaging different types of learners as she teaches students about the power they hold; the power to make smart choices in how they treat others, whether furry, feathered, or other.

Theodorou’s books list a series of questions related to the topics within her stories, allowing for parents and educators to delve deeper and encourage healthy communication around such rich, yet sensitive themes.

“Noko The Knight: What’s Your Tribe’s Treasure?” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both print and Kindle editions in Spanish, Greek and Afrikaans. More about Theodorou and her bullying prevention work can be found at

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