Anthony’s Espresso Equipment Brings Professional Coffee Equipment

Specializing in all things coffee, from bean to brew

Everyone enjoys coffee differently. Some people like to go to a coffee shop and get a fancy cup of flavoured coffee while others would prefer to have their coffee while cozied up at home. That is not to say that the homebodies like the professional grade stuff any less, but just driving to get it without coffee could be dangerous for a serious coffee fiend. These days it is really all about bringing the goods to you for just about anything so why should your favourite caffeinated beverage be any different?

Anthony’s Espresso Equipment ( has provided a way to have that professional latte in the comfort of your kitchen. Coffee starts with the coffee bean and you are covered from beans to capsules with Anthony’s own blends and flavours. If you are currently lacking a grinder there are grinders that stand alone and some machines with a grinder built right in. The single cup of coffee is not going anywhere fast so Anthony’s has created their own line of coffee capsules.

Once the coffee is brewed the real fun begins. It is time to make all of the sweet, foamy, frothy goodness you have come to expect in your expensive cup of brew. Anthony’s carries everything required to do that and in case you were wondering, yes, there are biscuits. Most of the time single cup coffee makers are used as time savers and the fancy drinks are for the weekend or the drive home. Not anymore. There is a machine that will make anything from espresso to a macchiato with the push of a button.

Anthony’s Espresso Equipment is not a dream. It is a dream come true. Having a professional espresso maker makes sense no matter where you live. When there is finally a day off and sleeping in can happen it is really nice to not have to leave the house. This is especially true in winter or in the months when kids are not in school. Telecommuting is becoming more and more common and why leave the house to get a latte just to have to go home again?

When you invest in a luxury item that involves water you want to make sure that it lasts. Hard water can gunk up the pipes or the flavour could get less appealing. Anthony’s has cleaning products and replacement parts and they do repairs.

About Anthony’s Espresso Equipment

Anthony’s Espresso Equipment is a family-owned company with deep Italian roots. Founded in the year 2000, they have been providing Ontario and other parts of Canada with fantastic products and services in all things espresso. In Ontario, there is not another business that can make that claim. When you visit Anthony’s you will be talking to a coffee expert that knows what machine you need in your home or office. Come visit us and let’s have a cup of coffee while we talk about your needs. Or contact us online and we can get started.

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