Another Commuting Way for Phoebe – Airwheel Z8 Mini Folding Electric Scooter

As a well-noted intelligent electric scooter-manufacturer all over the world, Airwheel recently has released several new models of e.g. Z8 2-wheeled electric scooter, C8 Bluetooth helmet and C6 motorcycle helmet. Among them, Z8, as the most portable one is different from others.

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Phoebe is a white-collar who commutes 5 km from her residence to workplace. Although the distance between the places is merely 5 km, it usually takes her almost one hour because of sudden traffic jam. Phoebe is late always for work and scolded by her supervisor. The traffic jam becomes the bane of Phoebe. After she bought Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter, everything turns around. Now every morning Phoebe does not need to get up earlier to beat the traffic.

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Phoebe usually rises 30 minutes earlier than working hour. She starts to ride Airwheel Z8 to work. The residence of Phoebe is not large so there is not much room left. Fortunately, it can pack away and is stored conveniently. It will not take much space in her residence. Thus, Z8 lightweight electric scooter is more than suitable for such white-collar as Phoebe whose residence does not have much space. It is made of Magnesium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance that reduces the item weight to 6.5kg and improves the load capacity to 75kg.

Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter

With Z8, the traffic jam is no longer a bugbear to Phoebe. Phoebe new could ride it on the pavement. Previously she took bus, which has to pass the most crowded crossing. At the crossing, the traffic might cause a one-hour-long jam. Now Phoebe does not need wait for the traffic to be smooth. She rides Z8 electric scooter for adults on the pavement where there is no traffic jam. If one day she wants to take bus, she could get on the bus at the stop next to the crossing. Also, Z8 can be ridden at night with the headlight and 3M reflect light that are exclusively designed for night riding, making riding safer and more energy-saving and greener.

lightweight electric scooter

Now Phoebe has not been late for work. The Airwheel Z8 helps Phoebe much. It changes the life way of Phoebe. Her career is guaranteed by it too. In a word, she is grateful to Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter.

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