Announcing Tsaishen Crypto House Blockchain Platform Helping Property Owners Make More Profit from Home Sales

Property owners and investors now have a secured and safe platform to list their real estate and sell it without intermediaries to reduce service costs and keep more of the profit

USA – Real estate transactions can be complicated and lead to the billions of dollars in intermediary costs for sellers every year. A tech company wants to use the power of blockchain technology to transform the entire real estate and property business landscape.

New platform Tsaishen Crypto House, allows real estate investors and owners to list their property, easily connect with buyers directly, and complete their transactions in hours instead of weeks. The system uses advanced blockchain technology to establish the individual property profile and make it visible to buyers worldwide.

The platform is accessible, easy to use, and secured by modern encryption and technology that is decentralized and verifiable. With Tsaishen Crypto House, property owners can greatly reduce their cost of sale. In three easy steps, any property owner can create an account, upload their home, and chose when and where to transfer.

“Saving 50-80% on your real estate transaction cost is a big deal! But, being able to do a real estate transaction in hours or days as opposed to weeks or months is equally as big of a deal, and that is what Tsaishen Crypto House can do,” said Nev Kraguljevic, founder of Tsaishen Crypto House. “Tsaishen Crypto House also offers built-in escrow service for all properties, regardless of the sales price!  Our competitors offer only a fraction of benefits one can have with technology and some charge a hefty sum to use. I am proud to say that we are the only project that will give you the full scope of what is actually possible.”

Tsaishen Crypto House is ushering in a new age of real estate transactions that promotes participation, transparency, accountability, and opportunity. With their advanced technology, anyone can sell their real estate or property with a highly reduced service cost that can save as much as 80% in fees. While buyers and sellers can use intermediaries, there is no requirement. There are no extra or hidden fees that often plague these types of transactions, and the peer-to-peer exchange promotes responsible marketplace practice and ability for buyers and sellers to work directly with one another.

Sale of a property is very easy, especially once uploaded to blockchain. “Listing truly is click-of-a-button-away,” added the founder. A computer or mobile phone with an internet connection and a digital wallet is all one needs. Tsaishen Crypto House is built on blockchain, which is one of the most secure technologies. Transaction records, data, and other information are immutable, publicly verifiable, and kept safe and secured by the smartest people in tech.

Tsaishen Crypto House is built from passion to reduce transaction costs and make real estate accessible to more people. Its sole purpose is to empower the individuals; the property owners can keep more of the profit and buyers can see reduced cost of purchase. “It’s a win all around,” the founder added.

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