Announcing The PUGONA ROCK CLUB Fashion Line

Designer Allen Kimble, Jr. is thrilled to announce PUGONA ROCK CLUB. Its designs are based on Vinny the Pug, a real-life canine adventurer. Kimble trained and photographed Vinny’s incredible adventures in the Sonoran Desert. His huge photo library contains over a thousand images.

Vinny’s cool demeanor and climbing prowess earned him TV and newspaper interviews. He was even featured in an issue of CLIMBING MAGAZINE.


Included among the club’s first releases is the “MOOD BAG”. Its design is in collaboration with Luis Colmenares, a three-dimension artist. The “MOOD BAG” is designed specifically for the woman who reserve the right to change her mind. She simply flicks her wrist, reverses her bag and pow, she gives birth to an entirely different mood.

To enhance and protect the value of “MOOD” bag owners, it’s a limited edition of less than 10,000 and serially numbered.

The first year of PAGONA ROCK CLUB’s debut will see no fewer than twelve exciting designs across the fashion spectrum.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Vinny the Pug Enterprises
Contact Person: Allen Kimble, Jr.
Phone: +1 5043441139
Country: United States