Angel Crafts Introduces Dedicated Customer Service for 12\” by 8\’ Self Adhesive Vinyl Roll

“Angel Crafts 12″ by 8′ Self Adhesive Vinyl Roll”
Angel Crafts has recently decided to start a dedicated customer service facility for their emerging product 12″ by 8′ Self Adhesive Vinyl Roll. With a dedicated support team, the company plans to offer faster and better service to the product’s rapidly growing clientele.

Angel Crafts is pleased to announce the launch of their new, dedicated customer service department for the company’s recently launched product 12″ by 8′ Self Adhesive Vinyl Roll. This product has already received an encouraging response from the Amazon shoppers within its limited lifespan. By introducing dedicated customer support, Angel Crafts intends to provide faster and better resolution to the buyers of this growing product. At present, the product has two hundred plus Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Angel Crafts has manufactured their vinyl sheets maintaining the highest level of manufacturing standards. These vinyl sheets are compatible with Provo Craft CRICUT, Silhouette CAMEO / PORTRAIT die cutter, or any other printer. With a thickness of 3 mil, these sheets are extremely string and durable. Most of the commonly available vinyl sheets tend to roll back to its original position. This may adversely impact the cutting quality and stability on roll feeders. Angel Crafts has solved this problem with the 2.5 inch thick core of their cricut adhesive vinyl roll. These sheets also have a grid release liner backing for easy weeding.  

A recent user mentions in his Amazon review, “This is a good sized sheet of self adhesive vinyl, and while I have gotten similar ones for cheaper this one is a better quality than the ones I have gotten at the craft store. I used it with my cricut to make some stickers for an art project I am working on. It was easy to cut the piece I needed off of the roll. The vinyl stuck to my sheet for the cricut fine, and the cricut cut through it without an issue. Once I finished cutting it, I was able to separate the image I had cut out from the sheet without an issue. As far as sticking to my project it did well, and I have had no issues with it peeling off from the board that the stickers were stuck to. So far even with it hanging right by the heaters where it gets hot I have had no issue with it peeling off or cracking which I think is very important when it comes self adhesive vinyl.”

Discussing the need for a dedicated customer support division for this product, a senior official from Angel Crafts stated, “With a growing clientele, this was the only way to maintain the service quality that we look to offer to our customers. A number of new positions for the department will be filled up very soon.”

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