Angel Crafts Decides to Increase the Production Capacity of their 12\” x 12\” Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

“Angel Crafts 12″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets”
Angel Crafts is about to increase the manufacturing capacity of their popular Amazon product 12″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets. This product is currently amongst the top Amazon bestsellers in its category with over eight hundred user reviews.

Angel Crafts has recently made a key announcement with regards to their highly acclaimed Amazon product 12” x 12” adhesive vinyl sheets. Starting from the middle of August, Angel Crafts wishes to increase the production capacity of the product by 30%. The demand for this product has grown consistently over the last few months, making it difficult for the company to ensure its continuous availability. With an increased manufacturing capacity, Angel Crafts is looking forward to efficiently handle the high demand for their poplar self adhesive vinyl.

Each pack  of Angel Crafts’ 12” x 12” adhesive vinyl sheets for decor contain thirty-five sheets in different glossy colors. Each sheet has been been strengthened with 3 mil thickness to ensure its high durability. Angel Crafts mentions that this product is fit for both indoor and outdoor applications, and can last upto five years when properly displayed. Some of the most popular uses of the product includes home decor, signs, letters, banners, striping, decals, window graphics, tiles, etc. With eight hundred plus user reviews, this product is currently amongst the top five Amazon bestsellers in the category of adhesive vinyl.

A delighted user mentions in her Amazon review, “I received this product as a promotion and I am so glad I did. The colors are so bright and vivid I didn’t know if I should use it or do my typical hoard of nice craft products. My favorite were the blues and pinks. There was so many different shades you can easily highlight any letters. I wanted to see how they worked together so the first thing I made was a Starbucks Resuable Cup with the Pride Rainbow. It was a big hit with my friend who I made it for. The sheets go on very smooth and the backing comes of easily. Sometimes I have to struggle to get it off, but not with this. Thank you so much for letting participate in this promotion.”

Talking about the company’s decision to increase the product’s manufacturing capacity, a senior official from Angel Crafts stated, “ This was on the cards since a long time. Now, with a higher production volume, we would be able to deliver this popular product to a larger customer base.”

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