Angel Crafts 26\” by 25\’ Gold Metallic Foil Paper Becomes a Top Five Amazon Bestseller

“Angel Crafts 26″ by 25′ Gold Metallic Foil Paper”
Angel Crafts’ recently launched Amazon product 26″ by 25′ Gold Metallic Foil Paper is now amongst the top five Amazon bestsellers in the category of metallic paper and foil. This high-quality accessory was also selected recently as the number one new release in its category.

Angel Crafts is delighted to announce that the company’s latest release 26″ by 25′ Gold Metallic Foil Paper has just one of the top five bestsellers in the category of metallic paper and foil. Within its limited lifespan, this useful art and craft accessory has already received an excellent response from the Amazon shoppers. This metallic foil paper has already received close to seventy Amazon reviews in no time, and is the number one new release in its category.

The foil paper roll from Angel Crafts offers twenty-five feet of metallic foil paper, adequate for a wide range of applications. With premium paper thickness, these papers make crisper cutting, layering, and embossing easier for the crafting projects. The users have used this product with pleasure for gift wrapping, party decorations, birthday cards, scrapbooking and many other purposes. These foil rolls are completely acid-free, and can be used with a multitude of crafting tools with ease. Angel Crafts is currently offering this product for an affordable of $21.95 only.

In a recently posted Amazon review, the reviewer states, “I’ve used a handful of metallic wrapping papers in the past, but this quality of this has made for the most pleasant experience I’ve had with them to date. This paper has a perfect weight to it, making for a nice sturdy medium to wrap and or decorate with, and the gold shine is sure to draw stares – nothing understated about this stuff. I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review, however I receive no compensation for a favorable evaluation. My positive experience is based solely on my time spent with the product, and I would recommend it to anyone interested.” 

Another impressed user mentions in her review, “I am really impressed with this wrapping paper. I really think that it is the best wrapping paper that I have ever used. I think that the color is stunning. It is perfect for any occasion. I think that the size is great. The length is great. There is more than I thought it was. I think that the thickness is better than anything that I have seen. This paper cuts easily. I am so glad that I found this wrapping paper. It is going to be a hit this Christmas Season. I am super impressed with this. This is a great quality product with a decent price.”

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