Angel Crafts 12\” x 10\” Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet Completes One Hundred Amazon Reviews

“Angel Crafts 12″ x 10″ Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet”
Angel Crafts’ recently launched product 12″ x 10″ Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet has recently gone past the milestone of one hundred Amazon reviews. These reviews have come in quick time, maintaining a very good average user rating.

Angel Crafts proudly announces that their latest Amazon launch12″ x 10″ Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet has just touched the the milestone of one hundred reviews in Amazon. A seasoned manufacturer of art and craft accessoroies, Angel Crafts has the track record of delivering many successful Amazon products. Their htv vinyl sheets have secured one hundred reviews within avery short time, and maintaining an average user rating of 4.7 stars. This high-quality accessory is currently selling in for $39.95.

Angel Crafts’ heat transfer film comes in packs comprising of sixteen sheets in random colors. The sheets have the dimensions of 12″ x 10″, and can be used to great effect for shirts, hats, sweaters, sweatshirts, polos, and different other clothing. The product offers an easy application process, and is compatible with a wide range of fabrics including 100% polyester, 100% cotton, and polyester/cotton blends. These vinyl sheets flex more easily while being applied because they are made thinner. The product is washing machine safe, and when applied properly, it can withstand washing and rugged play.         

In a recently published Amazon review, the reviewer mentions, “I’m new to the craft. I have not yet been able to invest in the cutters and heat presses that I would like to use as I improve but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these sheets! The instructions were very easy to read and made it clear what type of heat settings to use. The colors are beautiful and look great against a variety of shades. My work so far can’t really do it justice but I look forward to getting better with practice and will be happy to re-order this product.”

Another impressed user mentions in his Amazon review, “I have a heat press and a Cameo Silhouette and these vinyl transfers work great for both. They cut and weed easy. I used 330 degrees on my heat press and the 25 seconds as recommended by the seller. The colors are nice, some great bright colors and a wonderful color selection. For my Cameo I used the standard vinyl setting to cut and it worked great. The seller has wonderful customer service, following up regarding questions and my heat press settings. Nice packet of vinyl, great for those starter projects.”

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