Andrea Palama launches ‘The Legend’: An All-New Carbon Fiber Luxury Wristwatch of The Future

Designed & Crafted by some of the Best Industry Experts, The Legend is a Must Have for Every Wristwatch Enthusiast Out There

HONG KONG – 11 Jan, 2018 – Revolutionary Brand “Andrea Palama” is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter Campaign for their new Carbon Fiber Luxury timepiece. The Legend Chrono45 & Automatic45. The Collections is Watch Brand with series of luxury timepiece for all watch enthusiast. The Legend, a revolutionary Italian inspired watch, designed to perfection with it stunning distinctive look and versatile personality. The Luxurious The Legend Chrono45 & Automatic45 watch will be made available to all watch lovers in the all around the world.

The Legend Chrono45 & Automatic45 is a fusion of styles, Both the material selection and assembling technicians have a good reputation, designed by hand with attention with utmost care devoted to even the smallest elements of each watch, each element painstakingly designed, developed and quality checked at every stage of production, resulting in a unique, artisanal brand of timepieces to give you a blend of function and fashion making it just the perfect choice for any occasion.

The thought, precision detail and passion that went into the design of the Legend is what makes this watch stand out. There is always a pieces of Heart inside.

The Legend is breaking new grounds in watch-making with their collection of watches – reflecting their worldly sense of style and their redefinition of practical luxury that sets this collection apart.  

Each The Legend watch features a water resistant Case and Top Ring full in Carbon Fiber with inner case in Stainless Steel 316L for guaranty the 100 meter water resistant the Automic45 is powered by the Miyota 8257, an automatic movement with a 40+ hour power reserve, 21 jewels and a rate of 21,600 vibration per hour, or in alternative powered with Swiss Automatic movement caliber ETA 2824.

The Chorono45 is powered by Miyota 6S50 chronograph big date, 3 Eye.

The glass is a scratch resistant Genuine Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating applied inside. The strap is made of Special High Tech Material called FluoroCarbon with a Buckle full in Carbon Fiber with stainless steel parts inside. The straps is a double injection with a hard end pieces inside to match perfect the carbon case with additional easily interchangeable strap with a tool provide with the packaging.

“I promise that you can get a really unique timepieces, because every single pieces of the case is make it by hands one by one, please have look the movie manufacturer process to better understand my mean of unique timepieces, and in additional we offer a price that no one can offer very far from our competitor,” said the Maker Andrea Palama.

The 825 series, which was selected by Andrea Palama, was one of its masterpieces. The fantastic hollowed out and naked pendulum design utilizes intricate carvings and shows off the manufacturing process — this makes the series movements perfect in functionality and beautiful in appearance.

The dial Chrono45 & Automatic45 is easy to read, thanks to its three-dimensional multi layered construction. The Indexes and hands are topped off with luminescence, SUPER-LUMINOVA Which is aesthetically pleasing during the day and gives you great visibility at night.

The Legend fluorocarbon Watch straps are all made of fluoro-elastomer, here is what this means Fluoroelastomer comes from the two words ‘fluorinated and ‘elastomer”. The former refers to a chemical process, which either treats or binds a certain material with fluorine, while the latter simply describes elastic polymers (rubberlike material). Fluoroelastomers are famous for their durability and outstanding resistance to heat, oils, solvents, fuels, and ozone — they are often used for fuel distribution systems or for high-quality lab gloves, it is not a material that will stretch out easily, get damaged by extreme heats, or get deformed by being excessively sweat on. It is also much less prone to induce any allergic reactions than, for example, latex.  

The Legend Automatic45 watches use the Japanese MIYOTA 82S series mechanical automatic movement — with exquisite workmanship, this movement series is held to very high quality standards giving it a smooth sweeping mechanical grace.

The Andrea Palama brand stands for world-class values, of luxury that is backed by practical sensibilities. We have taken out time to design a unique watch that would elevate the wearer

“We produce high quality watches for the best possible price. We believe that everyone deserves a fine quality watch and we aim to produce watches at a price that makes this possible, said found of The Legend; We want to be your top choice when selecting your first high-end watch,” he added.

We want to use our campaign on Kickstarter to get more support from watch enthusiast and raise more funds to be able to produce The Legend Chrono45 & Automatic45 in large quantity, we want to make these timeless piece available to the general public and even reach a broader audience with our Campaign.  The prices of The Legend Watches will be starting at $400 include 3 straps:

1) Italian Genuine leather 

2) High-Tec Nato nylon strap

3) Fluorocarbon

For preorders on our Kickstarter page.

The Legend is a Revolutionary Brand Collections owned by Andrea Palama, a watch craftsman of 25 years who has set a goal of creating a unique set of watches in the top technological material the human ever invented with the Carbon Fiber. He is a lover of Italian timepiece who choose top quality components for his watches that make them comfortable and ensures it luxury style. He believes with your support on Kickstarter the project is sure to be successful.

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