Andrea King-Chang is Honored for Outstanding Leadership in Industry and Community Advocacy

Andrea King-Chang is Honored for Outstanding Leadership in Industry and Community Advocacy

Andrea King-Chang, President & CEO of King Davis Electric & King Davis Contracting, is being recognized for her exceptional leadership in industry events, conferences, and community initiatives. This press release celebrates Andrea’s unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the construction sector, as well as her significant contributions to the advancement of business interests and social responsibility.

Speaking to the media, Andrea King-Chang said, “I am honored to receive this recognition, and it serves as a testament to the collective efforts of our team at King Davis Electric & King Davis Contracting. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion fuels our passion for positive change within the construction industry and beyond. Together, we will continue breaking down barriers and building a more equitable future for all.”

Andrea King-Chang’s outstanding achievements emphasize her leadership and positive impact both within the industry and the broader community. Some of her notable achievements and work include:

Industry Leadership and Advocacy: Andrea King-Chang has played a pivotal role in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the construction industry. Her leadership as President of the Union Women Minority Contractors Association (UWMCA) and active involvement in industry events and conferences underscore her commitment to positive change.

Championing Black Business Growth: As a member of the Maryland Black Chambers of Commerce where she sits on the Advisory Board and the Legislative Committee, Andrea actively contributes to the success and growth of Black businesses, addressing key issues and advocating for meaningful change.

Yvonne Castle Foundation Impact: The Yvonne Castle Foundation, founded by Andrea, has become a beacon of social responsibility, uplifting communities through education, mentorship, and support programs. This press release acknowledges the foundation’s impact and Andrea’s dedication to creating a lasting positive influence.

Leadership in Prince George’s County: Andrea’s role in the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce highlights her commitment to advancing business interests and creating wealth for a vibrant Prince George’s County. This recognition emphasizes her leadership in addressing procurement issues and supporting small businesses.

Executive Alliance Membership: Andrea’s membership in the Executive Alliance is acknowledged as she connects with accomplished women in the Greater Baltimore region, expanding her influence in the boardroom, community, and leadership roles.

Jamaican Nationals Association Involvement: Andrea’s active participation in the Jamaican Nationals Association, particularly her roles on the Community Service and Development and Membership Committee, showcases her dedication to promoting Jamaican culture and heritage.

Year-Round Advocacy: The press release acknowledges Andrea’s commitment to inclusiveness and diversity throughout the year, highlighting her attendance and advocacy at various events, including Governor Wes Moore’s Project Labor Agreement Announcement, where Governor Wes Moore signed an executive order to promote workforce development in state public works projects. The Women’s Leadership Summit, She Means Business event, Bi-County Business Roundtable events, and the Annual Minority Legislative Breakfast.

Andrea King-Chang added, “As a leader, my goal is to excel in business and leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve. Through the Yvonne Castle Foundation and our involvement in various industry organizations, we strive to create opportunities, foster diversity, and contribute to the betterment of society. This recognition reinforces the importance of collective action in building a stronger, more inclusive future.”

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