Andboo, a multitalented young entertainer who wears Different hats Riding high in the Business World

A celebrity who has rocked the entertainment industry since a tender age is riding high in the business world.

December 24th, 2018 – Andboo, a sensational entertainer native to southern California who also sums up as a best seller storybook writer is the founder of many brands; Creator of Project Chaos Global, recently released 3 rap EPs, 3 YA short stories & 3 children’s books, accompanied by his clothing company.

Andboo wears several hats; He has incorporated several elements in his business which includes being a musical artist, book author, and entrepreneur. He has released several singles including, Panties, Cruise Control, and Woke Up Like This, among others.

His new EP, Life’s A Party, is enjoying airplay in clubs and entertainment spots.

His career in music can be traced all the way to a tender age, but it was not until he turned 18 that he began his career as a freestyle rapper. Acclaimed for his unrivaled rhythm and his ability to inject pace and vibes into his party music, Andboo took to the microphone in a series of attempts to record his own catalog of hip-hop classics. He has a great passion for entertainment; he has developed devotion in performing arts and creation of elements that bring fun and excitement to his fans.

Apart from entertainment, Andboo is a well-versed author and screenwriter, he has many drafts to his name. Accompanied by his clothing company PrCh Clothing which boast several of his unique brands.

He promises electrifying performance, with entertainment that will leave his fans wanting more.

Andboo says he has a long way to go; he looks to reaching even greater heights in his entertainment and marketing careers. He wants to be part of the change that will help in bringing more creativity and fun into the industry. Andboo wants to leave a legacy of his work and contributions as well as inspire others to do great things for themselves and others too.

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