Analysis of the origin and development of injection mold processing

Since modern times, all kinds of tools and products, ranging from small screws to large machines, are all flooded in people’s daily life, and these products are inseparably related to mold processing. A mold, as the name implies, is a special tool used in various presses and mounted on the press, and then metal or non-metallic materials are made into parts or products of the desired shape by pressure. Especially since the new century, plastic products, as a major invention, have been widely used by people and factories. Therefore, the injection mold processing industry came into being with the plastic industry, and it has been continuously improved and developed because of people’s high requirements for the lightweight, aesthetics and feel of plastic products. Injection mold is a kind of process equipment for replicating and molding plastic products through a specific shape, which makes the mass production of plastic molding products a reality. quality and precision.


Injection mold processing originated in 1943, when the idea of ​​producing injection molds came from a shareholder of a small glass mold factory in the Portuguese city of Marini. But the configuration was not praised, the shareholder sold the shares, and since then he has been studying the processing and development of injection molds, and successfully produced the first injection mold two years later. Subsequently, other injection mold processing enterprises gradually appeared in the adjacent industrial zone. After the old age, with the continuous development and updating of related technologies, the processing technology of injection molds has also continued to develop, and the processing methods and process products have been adopted by various countries. Then, the use of gas-assisted injection molding molds, laminated injection molding molds, and two-color and multi-color injection molding molds continue to appear, which marks that injection mold processing has entered a new era.

Because injection mold processing has an important core position in plastic products, it is also known as the “mother of industry”. With the continuous development of the modern new material industry, people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has increased, and the injection mold processing industry has also changed. On this basis, various emerging injection molding technologies have been developed. It mainly includes three types of injection molding: large injection molding, precision injection molding and thin-wall injection molding. These three types of injection molding have different requirements for molds due to their different injection molding processes.

Among them, large injection molds are different from ordinary injection molding in terms of the strength and stiffness requirements of the cavity, the requirements for the combination of the cavity and the exhaustability of the mold. In addition, it also has high requirements for the accuracy of the mold temperature. , The structure is complex, the cost is high, and the cost is high. The precision injection mold processing has unique requirements in the accuracy and temperature of the mold cavity, materials, and product release properties. Later, with the development trend of “light, thin, short, and small” injection molding products, thin-wall injection molding was produced. It has the advantages of light weight and material saving, so it is widely used in electronic communication, medical and health and other fields. In actual industrial design and use, it is necessary to grasp its characteristics for reasonable application.

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