An Orthopedic Clinic Consulted On Purchasing A X-Ray Table

An orthopedic clinic discovered a X-ray table from our company on the Internet, and they took the initiative to contact us and expressed interest. We arranged for a professional regional manager to have in-depth communication with them.

After understanding, they currently have their own DRX machine, but they have been using an ordinary single bed to take pictures of the lumbar spine and other parts. This not only brings inconvenience to the operation, but also requires frequent movement of the flat-panel detector. To improve efficiency and reduce hassle, they considered purchasing a X-ray table.

The X-ray table used by our company has a unique design. It has a film box below, which can place IP boards and flat-panel detectors. It is very convenient to move it by just pulling the slide rail. After listening to the detailed introduction by our business manager, the customer felt that it was very suitable for their needs and saved time and effort, so they asked our company about the price of the X-ray table. After getting the quotation, the customer thought the price was reasonable and immediately placed an order.

In order to deliver the products to customers as soon as possible, our logistics team has begun organizing production and packaging work.

The X-ray table produced by our company are of various styles and can be adapted to various X-ray machine products. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us at any time.

x-ray table

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