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There are many people who actually start their day by reading news over the coffee table. For those who sit with tablets or mobiles to do so, can be the most probing curation site. This is where all latest news regarding different media fields are curated and published almost on daily basis.

Watching news on TV or reading them through newspapers is still in trend but it is also a fact that digital news is gaining more popularity, especially among the busy people and tech-savvy enthusiasts. To cater to their needs, is out with several latest news belonging to different media fields.

It gives the world’s daily dose of breaking news in the fields of fashion, technology, lifestyle, finance, culture, business, and more. Some of these fields are yet to be covered but they are likely to under coverage in near future. Each day, the visitors get to see the latest trends, upcoming surprises, or how-tos related to all these sectors.

The Home page itself shows latest posters of its recent articles in technology, cars, gadgets, Internet, entertainment, finance, and fashion. There is also a separate section on footwear, which throws light on a variety of latest trends and styles available from different brands.

Well, it seems that this site seems to evolve as a diversely comprehensive one. Although it may not be a pure news site at present, it is likely to succeed in getting attention from more and more news readers.

According to a spokesperson, “Although our site is evolving, right now, we are building a good customer base. This is evident from the increasing number of daily hits and individual page views. However, we are striving hard to increase the base by expanding our horizon to cover more fields such as science and politics. These subjects are likely to make us a pure news site. However, we intend to be such a news site that our visitors need not go somewhere else to look for the same in their interest fields somewhere else.

About City of Hype

City of Hype is an evolving Web portal that acts as an online publication. It covers upcoming trends and news in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, technology, footwear, culture, and entertainment. It also aims to cover news of other fields in near future.

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