An extraordinary mountain electric bike Airwheel R8 is rocking the world!

Many riders are fond of having a long tirp so manufacturers will accordingly design and develop those travelling tools that are more adaptable for long trip. A high configuration trekking bike is a necessity. Airwheel R8, the latest electric mountain bike, is shaking the industry and destined to be extraordinary!

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Each kind of product is designed for a specific purpose. Trekking bike, just as its name implies, is used for long trip riding. Taking this designated application into consideration in terms of long trip, Airwheel, therefore, released its latest R8 trekking bike with better adaptability for long journey. The adaptability is mainly presented in several aspects. To start with, Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike have three ride modes.

Airwheel R8

Purely bicycling supported by man power always consumes too much energy of riders. When riders feel a little tired, they can alter the mode into the electricity assisted ride mode designed with different levels of gears to adjust. It is also possible to ride it without wasting effort as R8 can be powered totally by electricity. So riding R8 saves the physical output and ensures the effectivity of long trips.

Airwheel R8

Next, it is clearly to see the main frame with a shape of triangle. This structure is a high strength frame which is formed by a bending long pipe. The joint is casted by aluminum alloy so it is firm and anti-crush. Besides, the 26-inch large wheels with special tread have better road holding performance. R8 Triangle frame electric bike never fears in facing different road conditions. Moreover, the headlight helps riders to clearly know the condition in dark environment. All of these pave the way for a safe and pleasant trip.

Airwheel R8

Sure, intelligence is also an important point that won’t be ignored. Airwheel R8 smart e-bike is equipped with a trip computer. Through this computer, users can set the ride mode and know the mileage. Meanwhile, it has the roles of power indicator and fault reminder. Undoubtedly, the trip computer brings a great convenience for riders. All the above descriptions show that Airwheel electric scooter possesses the performance for long trip. It is indeed an extraordinary trekking bike which gives the industry a shock!

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