An Exclusive interview with one of the youngest influencers in Lebanon, Rayan Hayek

An Exclusive interview with one of the youngest influencers in Lebanon, Rayan Hayek
An Exclusive interview with one of the youngest influencers in Lebanon, Rayan Hayek
As with most things in tech, the social media world is very fast paced, every day changes and updates are rolled out to our favorite platforms, users are growing and declining, viral trends emerge, new strategies and tactics are always being formulated and new bloggers are rising in the niche. The latter has taken part time of most people from different ages and sexes. And midst this incredible flourishment of the niche,

It could be somehow confusing to choose the best blogger to follow up with his content. But one could wipe over all the confusion in one’s mind, yes! It’s Rayan Hayek, one of the Youngest influencers who are based in Lebanon. 

1) First, would you please introduce yourself to our reader?

Hello! My name is Rayan Hayek. I am a 17 years old Lebanese blogger and influencer who started doing his thing since I was 12 years old. Actually it wasn’t planned to become a blogger, but since the very beginning of my journey, people were really excited while scrolling through my account. So you can say it was my hobby that ended up with me right here right now!

2) Was being a blogger a dream or a career you sought for?

Indeed, when realized how people were attracted to my content, it was my dream to grow my work more and gain more followers in an attempt to attract more brands and companies to collaborate with. At the same time, it started to be my fit zone where I got profits from. Hence, we can say it’s my dream career which I’m getting profits from!

3) What’s the most rewarding thing behind doing your giveaways?

My followers, and mainly “Lebanese people” are my main target behind my giveaways. After the economic crisis and the difficulties Lebanese people have gone through in the past 2 years, I thought giveaways might spread some hope and positive vibes within the Lebanese people.

4) Collaborating with one like you would be a dream for many brands nowadays, which brand have you recommended till now?

I have done many collaborations through my journey as a blogger including KFC, Beesline and many more.

5) We heard a lot about your awareness campaigns, would you please tell us more?

Actually, I would like to treat people the same way I like to be treated with. That’s why I had many campaigns to raise awareness regarding many topics including bullying and bodyshaming. Besides, I did so many awareness campaigns regarding cancer, I wanted to let people have some rays of hope in their lives even if they have cancer.

6) Do you like to give any insight through our stage for our readers?

Life is ups and downs, one must be self-confident and insistent to achieve his goal and dream. One must have faith, and my own one is to become one the best bloggers. I want to motivate people whenever visiting my account and spread positive vibes within their souls.

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