Amsterdam Start Up MirrorMirror Wins Best Social / Lifestyle App Award

Hot on the heels of being Shortlisted for The 2017 Accenture Innovation Awards (finishing #2 in the first voting stage), and chosen by The Next Web as one of their ‘Class of 2017’, Amsterdam-based start up MirrorMirror has been crowned Best Social / Lifestyle App by The Best Mobile App Awards.

Having only launched at the end of February, MirrorMirror has won plaudits and fans the world over, as the social comparison app has offered an extra dimension to photo sharing.

The iOS and Android app is now fast becoming the go-to destination for a definitive answer on any lifestyle question, be ittravel, food, interiors, music, fashion or anything.

Have you made a regrettable shopping choice?
Ever made the mistake of wearing the wrong outfit to a big occasion?

Undecided on where to go on holiday?
Having a dilemma about how to decorate your new apartment?
Want to know who would win in a fight; a gorilla or a shark?

With MirrorMirror the answers are just a few clicks away.

So how does it work?

Unlike Instagram, MirrorMirror is not about how many likes you ‘get’ but rather about how users can help you make the right choice. The premise is simple; just upload two photos, write a description and ask the MirrorMirror community which photo they prefer, whether it be outfits, travel destinations, recipe, shopping choice, celebrities, who wore it best . . . it’s up to you. Users can share their posts via social media, text or email.

The brainchild of former Journalist and Brand Manager, Steve McLay, MirrorMirror has been embraced as the app of choice for established bloggers and influencers in countries as diverse and wide-ranging as the USA, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Brazil,Canada and India (Check out a list of some of our featured influencers below).

MirrorMirror founder, McLay explains “We want MirrorMirror to be the first place people turn to for difficult decision-making and are already developing lots of exciting new features for the app. We want it to be a platform where people get inspiration, help others and above all else have a lot of fun. We have some really exciting plans to make MirrorMirror even bigger and better. Right now it’s an app, but it’s going to be much, much more.”

It may be early days but MirrorMirror is already redefining how people make decisions about their lives and connect with their peers for advice.

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