Ruther Glen, VA – June 20, 2017 – Today, ‘Americans for Legalization’, a premium super PAC for the legalization of Marijuana in America announces the launch of their kick-starter campaign. The launch will take place on Friday, June 16, 2017 at Ruther Glen, Virginia. The audacious campaign with the theme ‘Change Begins with You’ is aimed at giving people some enlightenments on the benefits of medical marijuana and encouraging them to take political action by contacting the people in government to change the laws prohibiting its legal use.

In a statement about the launch, Stephen DuBrey, the founder of the campaign organisation said “We are the first marijuana super PAC. We are not millionaires or billionaires, we’re just ordinary people who want to make a difference in America. Some of us have sick friends and relatives who could be helped by Medical marijuana, but the existing legislation makes its free usage difficult. We are trying to educate and motivate people to move senators and congressmen to help us change the federal laws and misinformation. We just want medical research funded to see what medical purposes that THC can bring. We want to save law enforcement time and money on other crimes. We can’t do this alone, we need volunteers all across this country in every county and state. Together we can make a change.” He concluded.

The sale of Marijuana was banned in United States far back in 1906 in the District of Columbia. Later in 1996 more than half of the states including California, Columbia and New Jersey legalized the use of Medical Marijuana. In December 29, 2016, Medical Cannabis was declared legal in the United States. Yet the Federal Government has continued to regard possession of Marijuana as illegal and punishing ‘offenders’.

It is in this regard that ‘Americans for Legalization’ is calling everyone to join the campaign to change the situation. By this campaign, people shall be better informed on the legal use of Medical Marijuana. It is expected that its legalization shall not only allow effective utilization of the plant for health purposes but shall also increase job opportunities and abate crime. In addition, by the legalization of Marijuana, the dreaded Mexican cartel shall be stopped, our borders shall be secured and terrorism shall be checked. Volunteers and donors are called from all over the country to help educate, inform, grow and create change by donating to the organization via various means of payment including Master card, Visa card, Bank deposit and Western Union.

Crowdfunding site: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/284252/americans-for-legalization-its-about-time

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