American Society of Recording Studios to take part in AES Show Spring 2021

San Jose, CA – January 16th, 2021 – The Audio Engineering Society has already finalized the plans for AES Show, which is scheduled to be held in spring 2021. Similar to previous years, the main objective of this event would be to listen, learn, and connect with pros and peers from all around the world. In this year’s AES Show, special attention will be paid towards discussing the challenge faced by the industry throughout the past year and the new opportunities that emerged. On top of that, the event will create an ideal environment for all the participants to discover new opportunities that are available in front of them as well. 

Throughout 2020, AES was able to facilitate numerous audio professionals, enthusiasts, and students with their work. Regardless of all the challenges thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic, AES was able to deliver much-needed support. The outgoing AES President, Agnieszka Roginska was behind all these ventures. Moreover, the Executive Director of AES, Collen Harper, and the AES Staff was able to work on numerous volunteering project to serve the community that needed assistance. 

AES was able to have multiple events throughout 2020 as well. the AES Show Fall 2020 and AES Virtual Vienna are perfect examples of such successfully conducted events in the past year. The team is looking forward to conducting many such events this year as well. AES Show Spring 2021 will create an ideal environment for them to go ahead with the events. All these events will eventually contribute to the betterment of the industry. 

During times of fear, chaos, and uncertainty, AES was able to remain strong. This experience will give lots of stories for AES to share during the upcoming show. The commitment of the AES community during that time period has been amazing as well. 

AES was able to have a great start to the year 2020. For example, they were able to kickstart the event with the sold-out AES Academy event. This was held along the NAMM Show. Following that, AES could have their very first AES Convention for the year as well. The convention was a success and organizers, leaders, attendees, and volunteers from 59 countries of the world took part in it. AES also introduced a new concept that focuses on audio product development. This is known as AES Audio Product Education Institute. It is powered up by dedicated systems on its own. It will be possible to get better insights into this new product in the upcoming event as well.

The American Society of Recording Studios has officially announced that it is looking forward to taking part in the upcoming AES Show Spring 2021. The representatives from the American Society of Recording Studios will be looking forward to sharing their insights with the participants of the event. On the other hand, they will also be able to learn from the attendees and get a better understanding of market insights. This will create an ideal environment for everyone to collaborate and ensure future success with their future endeavors. 

The Audio Engineering Society is currently celebrating 70 years of excellence in audio engineering. As of now, they have around 12,000 members across the world as well. The AES Show Spring 2021 will therefore become one of the most successful events organized by the team in the future. The event will be filled with demonstrations, technical tours, guest speaker sessions, and social functions. This will deliver a valuable opportunity for the attendees to ensure their personal growth and networking. 

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