Amazing discounts this Valentine’s for Rivacci Polarized Sunglasses Only on Amazon!

You are thinking of buying your loved one a great gift this Valentine’s? Well we might have found something for you. If the rays of love prove to be too much for you, think of buying a pair of polarized sunglasses for men and women for as little as $10.97. 

Rivacci wayfarer sunglasses will help you stay cool and healthy, while delivering great quality and comfort. The sunglasses will set sail towards your noses starting from February the 6th, exclusively on Amazon – crazy giveaways attached. Order them now and you will have them delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Oh, and about that: the guys at Rivacci must be lovers, not fighters, given that they will have more than a week– from 6th to 14th February at midnight – of 55% discounts on 4 of the most successful wayfarer sunglasses they have!  

Rivacci team has the whole deal set up to rock your boat:

  • Blitz discounts that will make it easier to try the sunglasses on
  • Always available client service and a lifetime guarantee
  • A solid long-time relationship with your sunglasses, which you will be able to cultivate thanks to their freebies: the hard case and the cloth. 

Plus some crazy ideas they work on and told us about it, bound to put you in a love-is-in-the-air mood!

What does Rivacci stand for besides making sure you’re going to actually see your nephews at 60!

Rivacci sets on to create a brand of healthy polarized sunglasses at an affordable price. Nowadays staying healthy, being comfortable with what you wear and looking cool should be a thing anyone can buy. The guys at Rivacci put great effort into delivering a premium product at a medium standard price. 

The founder is a cool, friendly French guy grew up all his childhood watching his grandfather and later on uncle creating frames for sunglasses in their small workshop. He now creates his own models and makes sure they are excellent quality, solid and comfortable.  

This is the aim he had in mind when he created Rivacci. He wanted to offer them the power to go through a skydiving jump but also softness and the comfy feeling of a sunny summer day.

Honesty is their thing 

Rivacci values straightforward feedback. “We love what our products have become and this happened because we listened to what our clients had to say – good & bad. So, yeah, big kudos to the guys who got us a negative feedback on Amazon. Thank you guys – we love what our final product is, after a lot of work has been put into.” said Julien Bonnot, the founder of Rivacci. 

Go on Amazon and you will be able to buy your favorite pair of wayfarer polarized sunglasses with 55% discount, for only $10.97 mainly because… love. If you want one as a gift for your Valentine, congrats, it means you have a Valentine. Keep up the good work! 

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